Fakegate: Global warmists try to hide their decline

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Fakegate: Global warmists try to hide their decline.

Fakegate shows us, with the precision of a scientific experiment, several key truths about the global warming movement. It shows that most warmists, both the scientists and the journalists, will embrace any claim that seems to bolster their cause, without bothering to check the facts or subject them to rigorous investigation. (Anthony Watts notes how few journalists bothered to contact him before reporting the claims about him that are made in the fake memo.) And it shows us that warmists like Gleick have no compunction about falsifying information to promote their agenda, and that many other warmists are willing to serve as accomplices after the fact, excusing Gleick’s fraud on the grounds that he was acting in a “noble cause.” It shows us that “hide the decline” dishonesty is a deeply ingrained part of the corporate culture of the global warming movement.

Gleick wasn’t just an obscure, rogue operator in the climate debate. Before his exposure, his stock in trade was lecturing on “scientific integrity,” and until a few days ago he was the chairman of the American Geophysical Union’s Task Force on Scientific Ethics. So this scandal goes to the very top of the global warming establishment, and it compels honest observers to ask: if the warmists were willing to deceive us on this, what else have they been deceiving us about?

Between Climategate and Fakegate, the warmist establishment now has zero credibility, and we must call all of their claims into question. [emphasis mine]

And in related news, the EPA has scrubbed its grants database of any mention of the grants it had awarded to Peter Gleick and the institute he heads.



  • Phil Berardelli

    One of the great shames of this series of events is that the word “skeptic” has become a pejorative, when it should be extolled by all scientists and lovers of science. For science to work properly, all claims, no matter the source, should be viewed with respectful but vigorous skepticism. So many times, when this has not happened, it leads to just such embarrassing scandals. I have thought for several years that the global warming fiasco would damage not only climate science, but all science, perhaps for a generation. Such will be the legacy of its strongest advocates, who have forgotten their responsibilities to question and test, repeatedly, every shred of evidence.

  • wodun

    Wow the EPA scrubbing its db is rather disturbing and unethical to say the least. People should get fired over this but we know nothing will happen.

  • wade

    this is a display of secular ego that has always plagued science.

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