Family Facing $4 Million in Fines for Selling Bunnies

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A family in Missouri faces a federal fine of over $90,000 for simply selling bunny-rabbits.

“She said, ‘Well, Mr. Dollarhite, I’ve got the report on my desk, and I’m just gonna tell you that, once I review it, it’s our intent to prosecute you to the maximum that we can’ and that ‘we will make an example out of you.” When John once again tried to determine which law he and his wife had violated, he said the USDA lady replied, “We’ll forward you everything.”

“Ma’am, what law have we broken,” John said.

“Well, you sold more than $500 worth of rabbits in one calendar year,” she replied, according to John.



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  • The Federalist

    If all this family’s business was conducted within one state, as is claimed, then it is my view that the proper outcome here might be the defunding of the appropriate USDA office and barring of the involved personnel from further federal government work. Pour encourager les autres.

    Which, in English, means the same as “we will make an example out of you.”

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