Family flees home due to death threats

Pioneer cover

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Unfortunately, that is exactly where that journey takes him.

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He also captures in Pioneer the heart of the human spirit, willing to push forward no matter the odds, no matter the cost. It is that spirit that will make the exploration of the heavens possible, forever, into the never-ending future.

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Modern American freedom: The parents of one of the Oklahoma fraternity students caught on video making a racist chant have fled their home due to death threats.

As vile as the racist chanting was, it was not threatening anyone with death. Moreover, we have something called the first amendment, which protects all speech, even the vile kind. Threatening the parents of someone who says something you don’t like is hardly standing up for righteous principles.

In related news, Christians at George Washington University in the District of Columbia face punishment because they refuse to participate in gay sensitivity training sessions.

A conservative student group at The George Washington University faces punishment, including the loss of its funding, for refusing to engage in LGBT sensitivity training on campus. The students are now being condemned and attacked on campus by those who claim they’re committing an “act of violence” for standing up for their members’ individual rights and Judeo-Christian values. The Young America’s Foundation chapter at the Washington, D.C.-based academic institute has refused to participate in LGBT sensitivity training recently made as a requirement.

Amanda Robbins, vice president of GW YAF, told The Christian Post that their objection to the training “stems not only from many of our members’ Judeo-Christian values, but also from our organization’s commitment to defending the individual rights of every student on campus. We firmly believe that there should be no such preconditions for any student organization to be able to operate freely on campus,” said Robbins.


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  • Publius 2

    A small correction and a question: GWU is located in Washington, D.C., south of the city’s West End section and just east of Kennedy Center. And can someone please explain what “rights” bisexuals have?

  • Pzatchok

    I do not agree with the lynching of the family. And it is a modern lynching.

    As for the LGBT sensitivity training. I don’t agree with it. But I do agree with a general training session for ALL students that cover what to call other members of all the groups of people. Such as to not to use the terms towel head or kike. Something every student must sit through when they get to campus.

  • Edward

    Hmm. Looks like the university itself may need sensitivity training for religious rights. Are the LGBT students likewise forced into Christianity sensitivity training, or is sensitivity a hypocritical one-way street? [Rhetorical Question. Obviously it is hypocrisy on the part of the university.]

    We certainly have a new definition of violence, in this country. A family can be chased from their home by masked “protesters” (if you plan on being peaceful, why the masks? Remember the “protesters” in Benghazi who carried mortars and RPGs to their protest at the US consulate?), but it is the people who fail to take an action who are called violent.

    Throwing rocks and shooting police officers in Ferguson is considered peaceful, but staying at home is considered violent.

    I don’t recall George Orwell imagining *that* level of double-speak. Well, I suppose we should consider religious persecution yet another “new normal” in this country.

  • Max

    Excellent point.

  • PeterF

    would they have to memorize the 57 flavors of gender identity from Facebook?

  • Max

    57? Wow!

    I have often wondered how a person determines their sexual identity. There doesn’t seem to be any rules. Is it who or what a person is having sex with? Or is it what they are thinking / fantasizing about at the moment of orgasm? In other words, what it is that gets them off?
    If this is the case, then very few of us are heterosexual anymore. Because of the Internet, most men would be classified as media sexual. Women would tend to be Mechsexual preferring mechanical devices.
    If someone was to do a survey or a census of sexual gratification, asking people what turns their crank, gets them off, or gives them pleasure, I wonder how many new sexual identities can come from this that we did not know before.
    Things were so much simpler when I was a child, you’re born one of four ways.with no parts, too many parts, or normal male or female parts. Sexual identity was a matter of biology not choice.
    Everyone is different, with different needs, different circumstances. Never has there been so much availability of stimulating…. Stuff, available to the modern man. The circumstances of sexual and gender orientation and special rights that are given don’t seem to apply anymore. Do we line people up and classify them, not by their talents or intellect, but by what “it is” that gives them an orgasm?

    I guess my point is, how can we give special rights to people simply based upon what “it is” that gives them sexual gratification?

  • Edward

    Max wrote: “I have often wondered how a person determines their sexual identity.”

    In California, school children get to choose their sexual identity based upon which restroom they want to use that time or which shower/locker room they want to change in that day.

    As for Max’s question, “how can we give special rights to people simply based upon what “it is” that gives them sexual gratification?”

    It is like welfare. People self-select which welfare-like programs they want to be on, so it isn’t much of a stretch for them to likewise self select the special rights that they want to receive; just choose a “gender identity” that grants the rights you want. When you want another set of special rights, change your gender identity. No one can say that you are wrong in either case (both in the political correctness sense and in the can’t read your mind sense).

    Ain’t living in a liberal, politically correct world grand? We get to force others to comply with our every whim, in which restroom to peek at girls (oh, does that make the girls feel uncomfortable? Too bad, I have chosen to become more politically correct than them) to which tune someone else can whistle. In this brave new world, we get to be our own tyrants.

    This is how the tyrants succeed. They create a system that entices people into a sense of comfort, then the trap is sprung. Welfare works like that, enticing the poor to receive free stuff but making it difficult to earn their way out of poverty, thus they remain poor — trapped in poverty, yet happily supporting their captors.

    The LGBT movement (a protected group) falls for another trap, where they feel safe, because the government allows them to harass those who do not advocate or participate in their movement, but the trap is that they support a tyranny that can turn on them just as quickly and forcefully as it turned on the constitutionally protected religious groups.

    In the long run, no tyranny has yet supported those who are “differently gendered.” They just don’t bring enough benefit to a strong tyranny, but they can be useful idiots in support of a budding tyranny, helping to divide and conquer those who love freedom (e.g. religious freedom loving people vs. non-religious freedom loving people).

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