Fannie Mae’s new headquarters included $250K chandelier

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Government in action! In building its new gold-plated Washington headquarters, officials at Fannie Mae made sure they had the best, spending about $32 million in questionable expenses, including a chandelier that cost $250,000, according to an inspector general report.

The inspector general for the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), which acts as a conservator for the mortgage lender, recently noted $32 million in questionable costs in an audit for Fannie Mae’s new headquarters in downtown Washington, D.C. Fannie Mae will be the flagship of Midtown Center, which is scheduled to complete construction in June 2018. The inspector general reported that costs for the new headquarters have “risen dramatically,” to $171 million, up from $115 million when the consolidated headquarters was announced in 2015.

The inspector general blamed expensive upgrades for cost overruns, such as a third glass walkway costing $2 million to connect Fannie Mae buildings, $1.2 million for “decorative wood slatted ceilings,” decorative wood “lunch huts,” and pergolas, or garden-style pavilions, in elevator lobbies. FHFA officials have had poor oversight of the project, according to the inspector general, because they “did not review whether any of the major upgrades were cost-effective or whether lower cost alternatives were available.”

Among the upgrades: a $250,000 chandelier that no one was quite sure what it was for.

Read the whole article. It outlines some disgusting corruption in Washington that is unfortunately now the norm.



  • Cotour

    “Among the upgrades: a $250,000 chandelier that no one was quite sure what it was for.”

    Find out who either manufactured it or who sold it and that will indicate who in the government specified it.
    (They are probably related)

    The government has too much of the peoples money, much, much too much. Totally ridiculous and outrageous.

  • Cotour

    Thinking about it for a half a second, the “government” is wealthy beyond belief or understanding, much like the Catholic Church or really any “church” where the masses come to worship and “donate” their wealth in order to gain favor with whom or what ever and to support the entity that is a necessity to civilization.

    Make it big and make it awesome, make it shine, make the pedestrian realize his or her insignificance in relation to the state (Or the church, or the universe).

    And who pays for it all?

    Its quite an interesting self perpetuating scam that must in the end come to destroy everything through layer upon layer of bureaucracy until that is all that remains and there is no longer any freedom for the pedestrians at all.

    So such awe inspiring spending and items in these massive edifices of bureaucracy are totally justified and are essential to keep things running properly.

    Oh, the Founders were sooo wise.

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