Fascism at Emerson College

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Link here. This includes threats of violence, blacklisting, and bad grades for conservative students. One student has left the school after one year because of the harassment.

The worse aspect of this however is that most of the ill-treatment is coming from students. While the administration simply looks the other way, these future leaders of our society harass, oppress, and attack a dissenting minority, merely because of their opinions.

Even so, the very fact that the administration seems to care so little about reigning in this fascist behavior should be a reason for parents and college-bound students to consider attending a different college. As the student who is fleeing the school noted in the second link above:

She’s said she feels disappointed with [Emerson President Lee] Pelton’s response to her situation and a lack of serious consequences for the students involved. “When it comes to the bigger picture, is the school responding well? No. Not really. They don’t feel the need to stand up for us, because they aren’t too many of us,” she said.



  • wayne

    I’m not all that familiar with Emerson myself, but I see it’s a private university in Boston and tuition is around $40,000 dollars/year.

    Personally, sent our daughter to Hillsdale, and our out-of-pocket was less than Emerson.
    My wife & I both attended community college & 2 State Universities.
    “Name Brand” schools, never did impress me (except in the STEM area’s) and that personal thing aside, –these places are absolutely destroying whatever signaling-function they once fulfilled in society.

  • wodun

    This type of stuff was going on in the 90’s but it has gotten so much worse.

  • Mitch S.

    Reaping the rewards of discriminatory admissions policies along with PC leftist indoctrination.


    “An Asian applicant with an SAT score of 1,500, that is, has the same chance of being accepted as a white student with a 1,360, a Latino with a 1,230, or an African-American with a 1,050.”
    How is the person with a 1050 SAT going to keep up with kids that got 1500? Inevitably the frustration leads them to feel that due to “White (Asian?) privilege” the system is fixed against them. And the frustration turns to anger then violence.

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