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Fascists try to shut down conservative panel at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst

At a conservative panel at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, on Monday, protesters once again screamed and heckled the speakers, trying to silence them.

This was another event in the Milo Yiannopoulos speaking tour that saw the same kind of treatment on Saturday at American University. This time, Yiannopoulos was not alone, joined by Christina Hoff Sommers and Steven Crowder, who when he got the mike proceeded to give an epic 4 minute long put-down of the protesters, to loud applause from the audience. You can see some video of the event at the link above, but I have embedded Crowder’s rant below the fold, as it is absolutely worth seeing. He demonstrates the right way to treat these people, by standing up to them boldly, with humor, and courage.

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  • Steve Earle

    That’s great. These kids badly need a wake-up call and that was a good start. I wish he had repeated the point about free speech and the 60’s, that needs to be said over and over.

    The leftover hippies from the 60’s are teaching our kids today that it’s ok to shut down speech they don’t agree with. Now that they have power and numbers they have become exactly what their parents and grandparents were protesting against….

  • Garry

    Although I’m not a huge fan of Trump, I hope that his demeanor will inspire more and more of this kind of thing. It would polarize, but at the same time will show how insignificant the loud minority are and embolden people to speak their minds and break the chains of political correctness.

  • Wayne

    The whole 90 minute Panel is at:

    > These disrupter types are dangerous & need their Adderall dose adjusted downward. Totally manufactured rage over what was a pretty good discussion.
    All 3 of the Panelists & the Moderator kept their cool in large part, the few malcontents however, were acting literally “crazy” in the strictest Clinical sense.
    Don’t these people attend any classes? (or worse– they get extra-credit.)

  • Edward

    Steve wrote: “they have become exactly what their parents and grandparents were protesting against….”

    The irony being, of course, that they are so disappointed that they missed the protests of the 1960s. The Free Speech Movement, the Civil Rights Movement, and others that this very generation are in the midst of destroying.

    Free Speech has turned into Shutuppery. (I’m sorry if I over-reference this one, but I think it is important.)

    Civil Rights have turned into enforced segregation under the guise of such ludicrous concepts as “cultural appropriation.”

    As Steven Crowder points out, “Unlike leftists … we want an open idea –” (he was cut off by someone calling him a racist — for wanting open discussion of differing ideas.) Instead, his panel was cutoff early on by leftists who do not want known any ideas that differ from their own.

    The protesters passed out flyers that suggested, “you fundamentally do not understand what a trigger is, what it means to be triggered, and what a trigger warning is meant to prevent.”

    Apparently, they do not understand these things themselves, as they obviously triggered Crowder.

    Since the protesters were protesting hate speech, clearly they believe phrases such as “[ahem] you!” to be not hateful.

    As Milo Yiannopoulos says in the description section of his posting of the full panel discussion, “Steven, Based Mom and I went out to UMass for The Triggering, a three way talk about political correctness going too far. SJWs in the crowd spend the better part of an hour and a half proving us right.”

    From the opening remarks of the discussion: “As a group, the U. Mass. College Republicans have always been in support of the free exchange of ideas and viewpoints. As you watch tonight’s panel, you may not agree with everything that is said, but we urge you to stand in support of free speech, as well, by carefully considering the arguments made tonight and refraining from causing interruptions.”

    Some of today’s precious snowflakes were just not that into supporting their parents’ and grandparents’ long fight to bring free speech to American college campuses.

    Indeed, they would not even let the first panelist, Yiannopoulos, start his remarks before the hate-filled liberals started in with their “enthusiasm” (read: “hate speech”).

    Or the second panelist, Christina Hoff Sommers.

    The third panelist figured out that he couldn’t give them any time to start their hateful shouts, and instead of presenting his prepared remarks, he talked directly to and about the hateful members of the audience.

    Yes, safe spaces, microaggressions, and trigger warnings only apply in order to favor the liberal as she performs her cancer/madness, but that is why the liberal progressive Social (In)Justice Warriors invented them — indefensible tactics to use against reason and the healthy exchange of ideas. There are no safe spaces for, microaggressions toward, or trigger warnings for their victims. This is by design.

  • wodun

    But Edward don’t forget the intolerance of intolerance defense. They think they are battling demons, or unhumans, and therefore feel righteous in their hatred and their actions.

    They really are everything they claim to hate. Its weird how they don’t pick up on it.

  • Matt

    This might of interest for readers here in general sense of what is wrong with liberal western society as such, but specifically in Europe (incl. why Russia is example of hope).

  • Edward

    Wodun wrote: “They really are everything they claim to hate. Its weird how they don’t pick up on it.”

    In college, I lived with students who took great pride in being intolerant only of intolerance. Strangely, they did not pick up on the fact that their only use of intolerance was against people who disagreed with them — because they believed that only the intolerant could possibly disagree with them (come to think of it, that begs the question ). The people who disagreed with them were racists, whenever possible, or fascist, when racist could not be found to fit.

    (I would re-link to the “shutuppery” link, in my comment above, but I feel that is getting redundant. However, please feel free to replay it on your own.)

    Being called some kind of -ist tended to shut up the opposition, which really only proved that the name-callers were the fascists and were only pretending to be the tolerant ones.

    When you are self-righteous, it is hard to realize when you aren’t righteous at all. ( )

    The college student has paid a large price for that new knowledge that he learned; it had better be right. Otherwise, he would have been ripped off by the people he trusted to properly educate him. To admit that the education is incorrect is to admit to being fooled and ripped off; to admit that precious time, money, and college credits were squandered; to admit to being a useful idiot. There is a deep emotional (and financial) commitment to going along with the (mis)education as taught.

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