FBI fires anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok

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The FBI today finally fired anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok from his job at the FBI.

This action is far too little, and maybe far too late. What we really need is a complete house-cleaning, with a fresh set of new faces in charge at the FBI and the Department of Justice. What we have gotten so far has merely been the removal of a tiny handful of players while many of the big cheese remain in power.


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  • Terrence

    I agree Peter Strzok is the tip of the iceberg. How did Peter get his position of power? He must of received it from a totally corrupt institution.

  • Cotour

    Bruce Ohr and his up coming 8/28 /18 (?) testimony before I believe a closed door no theatrics Congressional hearing will be the next shoe to fall on this what will turn out to be, from the bottom to the top an illegal special prosecutor action set up and political hit job from the word go.

    Ohr is the #3 man in the DOJ who worked directly for Rosenstein and Christopher Steele middle man who after Steele was fired from the FBI orbit he occupied attempted to reinstate him and when that failed funneled “Dossier” information from Steele to Ohrs / his wife who just happened to work for Fusion GPS who supplied or compiled the Steele Dossier for the purpose that was listed above, a set up to justify the special investigation.

    From Mueller, to Comey, to Strzok, to McCabe, to Rosenstein, to Ohr, to McCain (Yes, John McCain is right in the middle of this) to etc, etc, the list is long and ALL are biased and legally conflicted actors, many are actual witnesses and participants, so the Mueller investigation in the long term will be / must be terminated and any actions that are a result of it will be determined to be fruit of the poisonous tree. At least from the perspective of the Trump component of it. IMO of course.

    This will turn out to be one of the biggest political scandals and moves against a duly elected president since JFK.

    Watch for it, ITS COMING.

  • Orion314

    I can only imagine the blackmail they must have against A.G. Sessions, which is the only explanation for him and his criminal malfeasance that tracks. Home movies of him and his barnyard friends would be a guess , for a start. McCain? If their was ever need for a wooden stake and some garlic.. Wont he ever die?

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