FBI found to have routinely faked incriminating data

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Does this make you feel safer? For more than two decades before 2000 the FBI’s forensic unit gave flawed and misleading testimony in almost every case in which its experts testified.

This study was launched after the Post reported that flawed forensic hair matches might have led to possibly hundreds of wrongful convictions for rape, murder, and other violent crimes, dating back at least to the 1970s. In 90 percent of the cases reviewed so far, forensic examiners evidently made statements beyond the bounds of proper science. There were no scientifically accepted standards for forensic testing, yet FBI experts routinely and almost unvaryingly testified, according to the Post,”to the near-certainty of ‘matches’ of crime-scene hairs to defendants, backing their claims by citing incomplete or misleading statistics drawn from their case work.” [emphasis in original]

But hey, let’s extend the spying authority of the National Security Agency, as is being pushed by Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky), leader of the Republican Party. What could possibly go wrong?



  • wodun

    This is unacceptable. People need to lose their jobs.

    Criminals will go free but so will innocent people who never should have been in jail. We accept that the system is not perfect but errors in determining guilt are supposed to be rare. This turns the entire system on its head.

  • David M. Cook

    That’s the big problem with these federal agencies; the people who run them are beyond the reach of the law. Look how much trouble we are having with Lois Lerner, who clearly committed federal crimes but is yet to face any serious prosecution. Until these people are put in jail no one will have any faith in the just application of federal power.

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