FBI loses texts from anti-Trump agent covering the exact period of greatest importance

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Nothing to see here! The FBI revealed yesterday that it has lost texts between anti-Trump agent Peter Strzok and anti-Trump FBI lawyer Lisa Page for the five month period just prior to the beginnings of the Mueller investigation.

Their excuse?

“The Department wants to bring to your attention that the FBI’s technical system for retaining text messages sent and received on FBI mobile devices failed to preserve text messages for Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page,” said the letter, signed by assistant attorney general for legislative affairs Stephen Boyd.

Citing “misconfiguration issues related to rollouts, provisioning, and software upgrades that conflicted with the FBI’s collection capabilities,” Boyd explained that “data that should have been automatically collected and retained for long-term storage and retrieval was not collected.”

The missing time period, from December 14, 2016 and May 17, 2017, covers precisely the five months leading up to the appointment of Robert Mueller as special counsel, which happened (surprise!) on May 17.

By any standards of common morality, this should result at a minimum in the firing of numerous people at the FBI, immediately. It should also result in an aggressive investigation by the executive branch to see if these texts were purposely destroyed.

We however do not live in a time where any standards of common morality apply. Just as the IRS agents and the head of the IRS were allowed to lie and destroy evidence to obstruct Congress, with no consequences, I do not expect to see the Trump administration do anything significant to punish anyone here.



  • Calvin Dodge

    The FBI is hopelessly corrupt. It’s time to abolish it.

  • Phill O

    The FBI is corrupt, yahhhhh. How about the border patrol system rigged by the Obama admin to make sure the drugs get through and the legal immigration system rigged to fleece the immigrants, or the justice system and and and and the list keeps going. Maybe adherence to Mosaic law, by our leaders, is what is required, yah think?

  • Cotour

    Every other email or text in question or that has ever existed has miraculously “reappeared” some how, and so will these.

    The “disappearance” of these key communications indicates just how damaging and damning they are going to be.

    These communications between Strzock, who was amazingly involved in all of the key interviews regarding the Hillary illegal email situation, Comey restructuring his server opinion and the Mueller Russian investigation and his lawyer girlfriend will be the key evidence in the anti Constitutional and un Constitutional activity that has been going on in both the FBI and the DOJ. The Mueller investigation IMO is basically over in regards to Trump.

    And it will be these FBI and DOJ high ranking individuals who will certainly be suffering real and severe legal repercussions. Watergate is a tea party in comparison, this is more like Fukashima just before the hydrogen was set off and blew everything to pieces.


  • wayne

    I’m up for that thought, but best we could hope in the intermediate term is to shrink it, and that’s apparently not happening. And way too many “federal laws” in effect that sustain it’s existence.
    Now they apparently exist solely to trap their opponent’s in artificial process-crimes, and haul water for their friends.

    We got stuck with the FBI in the mid 1920’s, for a whole bunch of reasons that weren’t necessarily neutral or benevolent, by any stretch. They created a federal internal police force.
    While I like Jimmy Stewart in The FBI Story, the FBI in reality, is just plain old un-American. It always was. No reason individual State’s can’t handle that level of policing.

    The appropriate Casablanca clip…..

  • LAG

    “lost” – yeah, that’s the ticket.

  • wodun

    The first time the Obama administration did this, it was believable. But when every single agency under his control had mysterious cases of the destruction of communications, usually withing critical time frames, likely to be requested in the investigation of various scandals and abuses of power, it can’t be coincidence.

    This has happened at the DOJ, FBI, EPA, State Department, NSA, CIA, DHS, IRS, and probably others that didn’t make the news.

  • wodun

    OT: Remember that link from a while back about Google using captcha to translate books and identify street numbers for google maps? Are we identifying cars to help Google’s machine learning for autonomous vehicles?

    Consider it also asks to differentiate between different types of cars too.

  • Mitch S

    And they still talk about the “18 minutes” from Watergate. (releasing new movies too)
    It’s not a crime if you do it for the right people (Note I did not say “right reason”).

    Another example that comes to mind is when Sandy Burger stole those papers from the National Archives.
    He got a slap on the wrist (a 50 thousand dollar fine that was paid off many times by the clients he was sent and the boards he was put on) and gave up his law license (at which time he didn’t need it to make a handsome living).
    And we never found out what was on those papers he took such risks to destroy (Which were obviously destroyed to protect the Clintons).
    Gotta love what Bill and Hillary said in his obit “He was great both in analyzing a situation and figuring out what to do about it.”

    Cotour, I hope you’re right but I’m not so optimistic.

  • Mike

    Instant messages are logged on SERVERS and any semi-competent IT shop BACKS UP its servers to meet record retention regulations. There is absolutely no way this could be just a DEVICE LEVEL issue and if these cannot be produced they were systematically destroyed with intent.

    MHO anyway.

  • Cotour

    I believe that critical mass has been achieved and its more likely to result in real consequences rather than not, at this point IMO it can not be stopped. All those involved can do is attempt to keep pouring water on it to keep it cool, but alas, they are running dry and everyone will soon see the glowing mass and feel its searing heat as it excavates a very deep hole with room for many. It will illuminate and cauterize all who are trapped by their own hubris, corruption, political acquiescence and ambition. They have all wittingly or unwittingly shamefully surrendered their sworn charge to the country. (I have a tear in my eye as I wrote that, its like seeing someone willing to sell their own mother to a pimp. That’s how it disgusts me.)

    When you come to understand the width and the depth and the multiple levels of what has gone on and of what is about to happen in the coming weeks, months and years this will add up to something never seen before in American history and it is very, very badly needed. Few in the public will really understand just how close we came to surrendering our precious Constitution to the Leftist, Globalist hoards. What has been allowed to happen to the Democrat party? Really! Eight more years of much of the same as the previous eight years might have been enough, especially considering the near inhabitant of the presidency. Lets all be thankful that real and brave patriots are still among us and also inhabit Congress and the Senate, and now the presidency.

    But the badly needed reconciliation has not been accomplished yet, it has only just begun.

    Saul Alynski would have been proud, his books dedication to Lucifer almost fulfilled.

  • Cotour

    Follow up:


    Its getting spooky.

  • ken anthony

    As long as the bad guys have access they can keep the good guys at bay… because the good guys really aren’t.

    If this doesn’t result in prison time for a massive number of govt. criminals before the year is out, you’d all better have a plan.

    The criminality on display is at absolutely ridiculous levels.

  • Phill O

    “The criminality on display is at absolutely ridiculous levels.”

    You certainly have made an understatement Ken. IMO

  • Steve Earle

    wodun said:
    “….This has happened at the DOJ, FBI, EPA, State Department, NSA, CIA, DHS, IRS, and probably others that didn’t make the news….”

    Don’t forget the smashed phones and missing servers over at Hillary’s…… You are correct, this has risen to the level of farce…. and it will continue to be a farce until someone, lots of someones, GOES TO JAIL.

    ken anthony said:
    “….If this doesn’t result in prison time for a massive number of govt. criminals before the year is out, you’d all better have a plan.
    The criminality on display is at absolutely ridiculous levels….”

    EXACTLY. And you are also correct. If this doesn’t lead directly and timely to lots of handcuffs SOON then I suspect that the Congress will change hands this Fall and all of this will go away as the focus shifts to Impeaching Trump.

    That in turn will lead to the White House also being recaptured by the Left and then we will all indeed need a plan….

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