FBI started Trump investigation because they disliked/opposed him; had no evidence

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Working for the Democratic Party: New evidence in a NY Times article on Friday revealed that the FBI started its Trump investigation not because they had and evidence but because they opposed his foreign policy and his firing of FBI director James Comey, both issues they have no authority to address under the Constitution.

Key quote:

The latest Times report…provides evidence of a usurpation of constitutional authority to determine foreign policy that belongs not with a politically unaccountable FBI but with the citizens’ elected president.

More here. Read it all. The facts detailed in both articles have actually been quite obvious for more than a year, for those that have any intellectual honesty. These new articles merely confirm them: The FBI hated Trump, and decided it was going to use its power to overturn his legal election.



  • Cotour

    The story’s coming out, like in the NYT’s are all FBI / Deep State and their media co conspirators attempt at influencing public opinion against the president, plain and simple. Right in everyone’s face.

    The approaching solution will begin with the appointment of Bill Barr (I think). A real Attorney General who may be more willing to drag the political realm activities of the politicos and agency heads over to the legal realm.

    Comey, McCabe, Strzock, Page, Ohr, etc, etc are all conflicted and are all FBI leadership conspirators against a duly elected president and have gone way over their legal and Constitutional fiduciary responsibilities. Their is a line to where these actors are legally able to go and their activities are protected, go over that no so clear line to the point that it is blatant and clearly an abuse of power then you can be dragged to the legal realm where the rules are more clearly established and there are consequences for illegal actions taken.

    Thats what needs to happen for at least some of them in order to reconcile our nation, and of course then there is Ma Barker herself who when you analyze it you understand this is who all of these illegal activities and abuses of power orbits around. Q: How many others who had the say so to approve the Uranium One deal were paid $145 million for facilitating it? And Q 2: How many who had a say in whether the Uranium One deal was good or not would have stood in the way of the next “president Of The United States”? Answer: ZERO!

    And PS: This line also includes Mr. Mueller himself who is sooooo conflicted being appointed as special council as a result of Comey’s presidential set up and purposeful leaking for those purposes in order to set up a special council that IMO most all of what he has done is tainted and becomes the fruit of the poison tree. The entire operation is desperate, political and fraudulent.

  • Jwing

    We are at the tipping point for the soul of our construction ally run republic: These Obama appointed top CIA, FBI, NSA and Justice Deptartment cronies must be brought to justice to fully expose their deep state treason or this great United States will cease to be one country.
    It will fracture into baulkanized defacto sanctuary states and be invaded by socialist loving illegal migrants.
    Expose these traitors!
    Declassify the FISA Court warrant abuses for the public to see.

  • wayne

    Rick & Major Strasser.
    “Are my eyes really brown?”

  • Noah Peal

    “Excuse me gentleman. Your business is politics; mine is running a saloon.”

  • wodun

    Funny that these patriots never did anything to rein in Obama as he spent 8 years selling us out to our enemies and abused dissidents with government agencies.

  • Cotour

    This again all orbits around Ma Barker and her assumed lock on the high and exalted position that she was assumed to inhabit. Obama was to do his anti American deeds and hand off to her and she would deliver us all to the Globalist agenda where the Chinese would have a clear path to world domination.

    And NONE of the agency heads and leaders of the government would have dared stand in her way. No one! Patriots? These are people who are far from patriots, they are coopted

    This is how close America came to certain destruction and we are not out of the woods yet. And it is all only because one man was able to buck the political tide and win the presidency.

    Call it destiny, call it divine intervention, call it happenstance call it coincidence, call it luck, call it what ever you like. What ever is the reason that we have this particular president that is actually willing to actually lead America in an American centric manner and interest, well we are fortunate to say the least.

    And the “deep state” will do anything to stop it because of how guilty they all are.

    Just one man willing to lead.

  • Cotour

    This one picture says everything that Obama (and Hillary) stands for and is about, this one picture tells everyone what their plans were.


    He told you exactly who and what he was, but many were and still are unable to see it. Willful ignorance must not be forgiven so quickly.

  • Edward

    Noah Peal wrote: “Excuse me gentleman. Your business is politics; mine is running a saloon.

    By the end of that story, both Rick Blaine and Captain Renault were insurgents, beginning a beautiful friendship.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDybg9CNXcM (1 minute)

  • Rene Borbon

    Thanks Bob. I understand the bureau has been engaged in questionable investigations since Hoover, possibly before. I’m not shocked the FBI did cross the lines many times, especially given the whispers that the prior administration encouraged this type of behavior. What should be done? Whatever that can be done to root out and eliminate the bad actors. It appears the firing of Comey was a good start. At least from what I can discern. A new AG is probably going to improve things. Let’s hope so. This kind of stuff really calls into question the integrity of the American constitutional system.

  • wayne

    Ma Barker…. I like that!

    White Heat 1949
    Cody’s Mom is Dead

    Don’t forget– it was Prohibition that gave us the FBI.
    And since Hoover was director from the beginning….depending on what side of the fence one is one, they’ve been engaged in “questionable” investigations since the start.

  • wayne

    excellent point.

  • C Huson

    The thing I find incredible in the NYT article and the Lawfare blog was that the action which predicated the investigation was a public press conference where Trump joked that if Russia had Hillary’s emails they should release them.

    This is so obviously a joke that if an FBI agent thinks Trump would seriously use a public press conference to communicate with a foreign power, he or she should be summarily fired for not having the sense God gave a goose.

  • Cotour

    Is this the first corrupt Democrat small fish to fry that begins the reconciliation, with many to follow?


    Hopefully the bigger fish will be beginning with the Comey indictment.

    Its coming, and it may even be much, much bigger than any of us are anticipating. And its been a long time coming.

  • Cotour

    Not a good result.


    The government who judges itself and its agencies and is unable to take the necessary actions related to the abuse of power that is clearly evident to produce a political result against the wishes of the peoples choice is corrupt and has created a two tiered justice system. But we understand that government upon its formation is from the first moment corrupt and it is the nature of the beast.

    This two tiered justice system was fashioned by Comey for Hillary Clinton, and now the DOJ does the same for this disgrace of an FBI leader.

    I can only be hopeful that in the future there is revealed even more of Mr. Comey’s corruption and manipulation and the appropriate action is taken.

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