Feds confiscate bagpipes because

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We’re here to help you: Even though they had proper documentation, two American bagpipes players had their bagpipes confiscated by border agents upon trying to return to the U.S. from Canada.

Read the whole thing. It is more absurd than you can imagine.



  • Competential

    If you’ve ever heard a bagpipe you wouldn’t complain about this… :-p

  • Cotour

    Something all Conservatives need to begin complaining about:



    Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, two big government “Republicans”, begin their PR reunion tour on their and our road to loosing the next presidential election. They are both very yesterday and IMO more of the same down the road to the “Thousand Points Of Light” One World Government of papa Bush, fellow Rhino’s and the U.N. The surrendering of American sovereignty is not my idea of progress, maybe its just me.

    True Republicans and Conservatives will not IMO support these people even if they can contrast themselves with the failures of Obama trying to leverage the buyers remorse that they will run on.

  • Chris Kirkendall

    To state the obvious, there’s something seriously wrong when people with NO legal documentation can enter the country at will, but someone with a frickin’ bagpipe can’t bring it back due to some convoluted “rule”. This is insanity. My wife is from Mexico, she’s a legal Permanent US Resident (probably will get her Citizenship later this year), but last year we were traveling back to see her family in Guadalajara, and because I booked her ticket using her married name, but her (still MX) passport showed her maiden name, they weren’t going to let us on the flight ! ! We had to wrestle with the agents & security, finally I got mad & told Security “THIS IS MY WIFE ! !” & they kind of said “Oh…” & that was the end of it.

    But the inconsistency in the way these rules are applied is infuriating. You have people who are clear law-breakers being ushered into the country, shipped off who knows where, with Court dates 10 years from now (which NO ONE in their right mind believes will be honored), yet my wife, who followed all the rules, came to the US legally, applied for Residency status, got her Green Card, then SS Card & Driver’s license, and is now a Permanent (LEGAL !) US Resident, gets harassed at a security checkpoint at O’Hare because her passport still has her maiden name. By the way – she cannot change that until she becomes a US Citizen, at which time she will apply for a US Passport, and can then use her married name. In the meantime, we have to be very careful how we book any airline reservations – we must use her exact name on her MX Passport for foreign travel, but we must use her married name on her US Driver’s License for domestic travel…

  • Cotour



    More of the same big spending, big government, creation of insane debt obligation, the destruction of the middle class and the surrendering of American sovereignty. No thank you.

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