Finding out what’s in it: Endless waits on hold.

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Finding out what’s in it: Endless waits on hold.

What astonishes me here is that anyone is surprised by the terrible customer service being provided by Obamacare. The Democrats were putting our healthcare industry in the hands of the motor vehicle department, and we all know how well that operates!



  • wodun

    They might suck at customer service and websites but they will be much better at dictating doctor patient interactions.

  • Edward

    Well, at least they have their priorities.

  • Kelly Starks

    Lets be fair, Obama was upfrount that the cost savings would largely be due to eliminating “unnecessary” services from folks where the results wouldn’t justify the costs. Most gov med programs like In Canada – or Oregon/Washington – do it by slowing down the paperwork so the mean time to get approval for treatment is past the mean survival time for the disease.


  • Edward

    > the cost savings would largely be due to eliminating “unnecessary” services from folks where the results wouldn’t justify the costs.

    Ah, you mean services like expensive operations, such as open heart surgury, or expensive treatments, such as many cancer treatments. Obama told Jane Sturm that perhaps her mother should just take some pain pills and wait for death. A bureaucratic healthcare plan.

    Obamacare: bureaucracy gives painkillers, huge cost savings, tyranny. Previous system: joy of life gets pacemaker and at least five additional years of joy, life, and freedom.

  • Kelly Starks

    Yeah Obama did a shoot out to a Senator or such retiring to focus on getting over cancer. Said Senator later pointed out that under Obama care his treatment was no longer covered and he’ld have to pay out of pocket.

    Guess the rule under Obama care is get rich or stay healthy, either way your on your own.


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