First Orion Space Capsule Could Ride Delta 4 Heavy In 2013

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Lockheed Martin is moving ahead with its plan to launch the first Orion capsule on a Delta 4 Heavy rocket, notwithstanding the desire of NASA that Lockheed instead focus on using NASA’s own as yet unbuilt rocket system.



  • Jim Wing

    Last time I checked, Lockeed Martin was a private, for-profit corporation engaging in the free market space and defense industries. If management, the Board of Directors and shareholders want to expend the company’s labor and capital towards the Orion project, so be it. They have the right to pursuetheir happiness through this endeavor regardless of what NASA and the President (for the remaining two years) thinks or wants due to the salinet reality that we STILL live in a capitalist free market representative republic country.

  • Jim, LockMart doesn’t do anything without a cost-plus contract.

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