First very short movie from Jupiter

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Using two Juno images of the same area, taken at slightly different times, scientists have produced what might be the first very short gif animation showing the changing circulation patterns in Jupiter’s atmosphere.

The animation is only two images long, so in a sense it isn’t a movie but a blink comparison. Moreover, the difference in circulation patterns between the two images is not strongly evident, partly because the two images have different resolution and somewhat different lighting. Nonetheless, this animation foretells what will should become possible with time, as Juno’s mission continues. Eventually its images will show the changes in the gas giant’s storms.



  • wodun

    Interesting, and also slightly nauseating, but I wish they would release a gif of Jupiter’s storms taken over several hours. Watching the clouds move is like staring into moving water or a fire, mesmerizing!

    There are some out there but not great. Haven’t been searching regularly for them from this current mission.

  • wodun: They can’t release the movie you’d like to see, because Juno doesn’t provide them the images to do it. When the spacecraft is far from Jupiter (the majority of the time) its camera doesn’t have the resolution to see the details necessary. When it flies in close, it only gets a quick look. Over time, from orbit to orbit (with the close flybys every 53 days or so) they will hopefully be able to compile something, but another restriction is that they don’t see the same part of Jupiter with each flyby.

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