Five myths about hacking you probably believe, thanks to the movies.

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Five myths about hacking you probably believe, thanks to the movies.

The article is focused on hacking, but it really illustrates the general difference between reality and the movies in almost all things. You simply have to ask the same questions about almost every other Hollywood generalization to find out how far from reality those generalizations are.



  • Kelly Starks

    Next your going to say nuclear reactors don’t explode like bombs, and guns don’t fire when you drop them.


  • Sandra Warren

    I work in the nuclear industry. Whenever I am trying to explain to people how what they have been shown is not accurate, I always say, “I know a lot about two things, horse racing and nuclear. Whenever I see those two things in movies or even in the news, it’s never like I know it to be. So, is there something you know a lot about?” Maybe they say: basketball. So then I can say, “When you see ‘Air Bud’ on TV, is that like basketball is to you?” And I immediately get a dawn of understanding from their eyes that maybe there is information out there that they don’t have.

  • mpthompson

    As much as I enjoyed the movie Gravity, I certainly wouldn’t want anyone to believe they now know something about orbital dynamics after watching the movie.

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