Five terrifying consequences should Baghdad fall to ISIS

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Link here. The analysis is precise, honest, and educated. It is also beyond worrisome, especially with the childish, shallow-minded and politically-correct crowd we are presently stuck with in the White House.

All five points are frightening, but the worst might be #3, as it will likely lead to many more horrific beheadings of Americans.



  • joe

    And the mainstream media will pretend like nothing happened and king Obama will be left blameless to the bonfire he set in the middle east while leading from behind with his screwed up foreign policy and his screwed up policy wonks.

  • djn

    Jimmy Carter Part II

  • Pzatchok

    At this point I no longer care what happens to Muslims in the Middle East.

    They are their own worst enemy.

    As long as they leave me and mine alone and stay inside their own sandbox then good for them.

    But set one toe outside of that sandbox and harm me or my friends and I am willing to bring all of hell down on their heads. Every single one of them. No mercy or quarter.
    The Rock will be removed from the face of the Earth to start.

    Allah and their false religion will not save them.
    The archangel Gabriel did not bring the word of God to Mohamed on the rock. It was Satan in disguise.

    Total and absolute war has its place and time.

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