Flames in space.

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Flames in space.

They don’t look like you expect.



  • BSJ

    Off Topic:
    An update on an earlier post on Master Sergeant CJ Grisham

  • joe

    imagine the implications of this low temp flame as related to internal combustion engines, where some 70 percent of that combustion is lost to heat going out the radiator or the tail pipe, if they could tailor that combustion where the energy was not lost to heat but was more fully used to drive the piston down its bore to make use of the btu’s in that fuel, great post mr. Z

  • Peter Fenstermacher

    Larry Niven theorized about the properties of flames in microgravity in his book “The Integral Trees” I wish there had been a sequel!

  • Peter Fenstermacher

    The automotive genius, Smokey Yunick was experimenting with engines to capture the wasted heat of internal combustion using the exhaust gases to preheat the intake. Before his death he was working on a car with no radiator. I don’t know if he ever completed it.

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