Florida has decided to continue to purge its election rolls of illegal and ineligible voters, in defiance of the Obama administration’s demand that it stop.

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Florida has decided to continue to purge its election rolls of illegal and ineligible voters, in defiance of the Obama administration’s demand that it stop.

The state is enforcing the law, as written on the books. Yet Eric Holder’s Justice Department somehow thinks that this is illegal. Maybe someone should teach Holder and his attorneys how to read.

In related news, Holder’s Justice Department is suing a Las Vegas casino because the casino followed the law in verifying that all its employees were legal residents of the United States.



  • Patrick

    You don’t have a nation if you don’t have borders.

    This administration doesn’t want borders for some reason.
    I guess they think that if they give all of Mexico citizenship in the US then they will all vote for them forever.
    I guess they gave up on the other minorities voting for them forever.

    Just remind the Latino population that it is the liberal left that wants all their daughters to have abortions and they want to strip them of their catholic religion also.
    All they have to realize is they the left wants the Latinos to be just like the blacks of the last forty years, but just for the next forty years. Wards of the state and always waiting for the next handout. Always told some one is holding them back and the left is the group to lift them up. Well the the last forty years how high have they lifted them?
    The African American population has been handed just enough to keep them happy while the whole time they have been treated by the left like ignorant children. Kept in virtual enslavement to the state “for their own good”.
    Remember that Planned Parenthood was started by a white left wing racist who pushed racial purity like a KKK grand dragon.

    On one hand, like in elections, the federal government leaves it to the states to vet and regulate candidates for office(obama) but in this case they want to be the ones calling the shots despite what the states say.
    They can’t have it both ways and stay legal.
    This is a states rights issue

  • jwing

    His skin color is of no significance; Eric Holder should be impeached by Congress immediately, investigated for deliberately defying the U.S. Constitution, FEC statutes and state voting laws, and for his misue of the power entrusted in the Office of Attorney General of the United States of America.

  • Patrick

    Your right in that their skin color is of no importance.
    But race his been their whipping boy, fall back talking point for forty years or more. It has been the center point of every policy they have passed. Even if they have not articulated it verbally.

    Every voter ID and police ID law they have challenged has been because of race. They claim those laws stop the poor and homeless(blacks) from voting. (even though a state ID is free and does not require anything more than a birth certificate).

    Now they are trying to pull the very same stunt but this time with Hispanics.

    And Holder will NEVER be investigated. He will more than likely get a pardon or some such from the President just before they leave office.
    And even if he is charged by the next administration his fallback defense will be ignorance. Oops I thought I was doing it legally. Why didn’t someone tell me? Plus they will string it out until hes a geriatric.

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