Florida police shoot and kill the wrong man after knocking on the wrong door.

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Don’t you feel safer? Florida police shoot and kill the wrong man after knocking on the wrong door.

The police did not identify themselves, and began firing when the man opened his door holding a gun.



  • wodun

    Someone pounds on my door at 1:30am and I’m answering the door with a gun too.

    Cops have the right to protect themselves but they are also supposed to be professionals. There are risks that come with the job and they should be professional and composed when facing those risks.

    People have the right to bear arms and LEO’s should be prepared to encounter law abiding citizens that have firearms. This is especially true when they surprise people in their own homes in the middle of the night.

    What LEO’s shouldn’t do when they see a gun is freak out like little girls.

  • Patrick

    This crap has got to stop.

    It is time we did something about these no knock warrants and non identifying break ins.

    If the cops thought about this beforehand they could have handled things different. They could have watched the residence and the bike until morning.
    Or they could have surrounded the residence and announced their intentions.

    But no, common sense is not common. At least not in cops of late.

  • Bryan

    They should put all of the PIGS involved in pirson so the arogant bastards can get raped by some of the people they have allready framed or set up. JERK OFFS!!!! I wish there was an open season on those above the law bullies. Well , soon enough the Ass hole running or should I say ruinning america will cause the collapse of this once great nation and when national chaos inssues he will declare marshal law. That’s when we will all have our justice on the so called “law inforcment”.

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