Forty badass quotes.

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Link here. I especially like Buckley’s comment to Gore Vidal.



  • My favorite remains Leonides response to Xerxes at the Battle of Thermopylae.

  • Garry

    I remember the way Buckley spoke, very deliberate, with a very scholarly intonation, bordering on pompous, to the point where even when I agreed 100% with what he said, I often found his manner of speaking annoying.

    Imagining him saying this to Gore Vidal in his usual manner of speaking makes for an absolutely hilarious scene.

  • Yup. That is EXACTLY why the quote appeals to me so much. Buckley would have said it in his typically polite, soft-spoken scholarly manner, which would have made Vidal’s rudeness really stand out to be as ugly as it is.

    I wonder if this can be viewed on youtube. I think I’ll do some searches.

    Update: It is on youtube. See this.. A shorter clip is here. The debate took place during the 1968 Chicago Democratic convention and was discussing both the violence at the convention and the Vietnam war.

  • Garry

    Thanks, that’s just as I pictured it! Will have to watch the longer video later; it promises to be entertaining.

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