Free gym memberships for Homeland Security desk jockeys

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It’s good work if you can get it: Homeland Security is spending almost a half a million dollars to provide free gym memberships to bureaucrats in Washington.

TSA also announced more gym memberships for its employees in Phoenix.

What this tells us is that the Washington elite still consider the federal budget a blank check designed to make their lives wonderful, even as the rest of the general public struggles to make ends meet and federal government and the general economy goes bankrupt.


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  • Jake

    Not surprising. I have relatives who are employed by the federal government in Washington, DC. They are mid-50s, have worked for the feds for over 30 years, and because of tenure husband and wife each make $120,000. Their combined income is $250,000. They are always taking vacation or sick leave. All they do is complain about how hard it is to work for the federal government and how little they make. They are planning to retire at 58 and 59, and will have a combined retirement income of over $100,000.

    Oh, and yes, they get a free membership to a gym. But neither of them have ever set foot in it, so the taxpayers are wasting even more money.

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