From now until January 1 Obamacare does not allow you to buy health insurance.

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Finding out what’s not in it: From now until January 1 Obamacare does not allow you to buy health insurance.

“It’s all closed down. You cannot buy a policy that is a qualified policy for the purpose of the ACA (the Affordable Care Act) until next year on January 1,” says John DiVito, president of Flexbenefit which has 2,500 brokers.

John Goodman of the National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas adds, “People are not going to be able to buy individual and family policies, and that’s part of ObamaCare. And what makes it so surprising is the whole point of ObamaCare was to encourage people to get insurance, and now the market has been completely closed down for the next seven months.” That means that with few exceptions, tens of millions of people will be locked out of the health insurance market for the rest of this year.

An open enrollment period has been standard for federal healthcare for decades, but in the private sector you were always free (what a word!) to buy insurance whenever. Obamacare has ended that freedom.


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  • Edward

    Wait a minute! That means that those with pre-existing conditions *cannot* get health insurance, as promised. Yet another broken promise from this turd of a health care system. “they fear that the only people who will try to buy are people who are sick.” Pre-existing condisions coverage was *the* major selling point to this turd, that if you were sick, you could get insurance.

    With such a complicated law, with so many hidden rules that suddenly spring upon us, how are we (or the insurance companies, doctors, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, ambulances, medical supply companies, ophthalmologists, and foreign visitors) supposed to comply and be good law abiding citizens?

    And I thought that with all those slipping deadlines that there was no *real* deadline, that I could sign up any time I wanted, that the deadlines meant nothing. I’m so confused. If getting sick does not count as a life qualifying event (a pre-existing condition, promised to be covered), then what does?

    And what happens to those who are graduating and will be off their SHIP plans, or just the summer coverage for students between school years? Is summer break enough of a life qualifying event to allow students to get summer coverage?

    And what about those who are turning 27 (or is it 26)? between now and December 31 and will be uneligible for their parents plans (or whose parents also didn’t sign up during the seemingly eternal open enrollment)? No one told them to sign up before the deadline.

    This whole turd of a law just gets worse with each passing week. What’s next?


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