From Pennsylvania: more proof the lock downs were insane

An analysis of all the deaths so far in Pennsylvania reveals once again the absurdity of the government-imposed shut downs that have thrown millions out of work and destroyed whole industries.

[A]lmost 70% of deaths occurred in nursing home and care home settings, and 90% of the deaths were among people who had one or more complicating factors such as heart disease or other severe conditions. The letter goes on to state that as of May 15th, 2020, only 5% of available hospital beds were occupied by COVID19 patients and just over 1% were on ventilators.

The quote is summarizing the details from a letter released by the speaker of Pennsylvania’s House. It shows, without any doubt, that there was never going to be a big influx of Wuhan flu patients. Most of those that got ill were already in nursing homes, or under care for many other serious chronic illnesses. They were already in the healthcare system, meaning the system would not have been overwhelmed.

Moreover, this data once again shows that almost everyone in the population is under no threat from the disease. It only kills those who are old and already badly sick. There is no reason to fear your neighbors, your friends, the people you see on the street. You can go out and hug them. In fact, do it, so that you all get infected and thus kill this damn epidemic sooner so that the old and sick will no longer be threatened by it.

Don’t believe me? Then consider these similar stories:

We have bankrupted ourselves for no reason.

The brainless, panicked, and emotional fear-mongering over this disease has been unconscionable, immoral, and totally unjustified. The data shows overwhelmingly that Elon Musk is right. “The politicians & unelected bureaucrats who stole our liberty should be tarred, feathered & thrown out of town!”


  • Phill O

    ” the lock downs were insane”

    for this virus needs to be added

    Absolutely. A more limited approach was warranted where economies and PEOPLE’s LIVES were not ruined by the millions!

    When GMO smallpox comes, it does require this level of concern. No rational government would use this stuff unless they had an antidote/vaccine. But the whole engineering done was to make current vaccines ineffective. The Bush and the Trump administrations have been prepared for this event, through simulations. However, on this covid-19, the medical folk got things wrong (used models instead of empirical data) and the left wing politicians went haywire.

    Remember, there are over 60 corona viruses known in bats. They get sick if they are stressed, soooo, be kind to bats, even the old bats from California.

  • Edward

    New Jersey and California also require nursing homes to accept Wuhan flu patients. Didn’t they learn from New York?

    Although the stated reason is to reduce the beds taken up in the hospital, the effect is likely that more patients come in from the nursing homes as Wuhan flu sweeps through the nursing homes. The question is, are they more concerned that there are too many beds occupied, or are they concerned that not enough beds are occupied? If it is the former, send patients to the nursing homes in order to free up hospital beds. If the latter, send patients to the nursing homes in order to get more patients into the hospital.

    Michigan nursing homes are allowed to accept Wuhan flu patients, but the are not required to accept them.
    A nursing home can accept a resident diagnosed with COVID-19

  • LocalFluff

    Some say that the lock down causes mental health problems. But the causality is the reverse, it was psychic hallucinations and thoughtless panic that caused the lock down.

    The UN now says that 117 million children risk losing their measles vaccination this year. 130 million more are threatened by starvation. In Sweden, with no lock down but where health care has been focused on this common cold virus, half of all surgery has been canceled last two months. So the anti-corona efforts are strongly focused on maximizing the killing of the most vulnerable. A great step forward for the climate doomsday panic mongers who want to exterminate all of human kind.

  • LocalFluff

    Have you heard that Greta-Jesus is part of CNN’s Covid-19 expert panel! She is an expert on doomsday propaganda fear mongering.

  • Phill O

    Can the Clinton News Network stoop any lower?

  • wayne

    Greta Thunberg –
    HOW DARE YOU – Dance-Version!

    (If I was a Doctor, she’d be on some Risperdal and Ativan.)

  • Joe

    American Samoa has 0 CV19 cases. The correlation could be the fact that 83% of the population is vaccinated against Measles, Mumps, and Rubella ($15 MMR shots available at drug stores).

  • LocalFluff

    I read that Western Samoa suffered 22% of the population, 8,500 dead in the Spanish flu. Perhaps that explains their current resistance. Or at least it puts things in perspective.

  • Max

    Award winning Dr. Carla Baker of the CDC has the solution to getting everyone vaccinated… Just kill all the white people!

    Greta on CNN expert panel? She’s probably the smartest one on the committee…

  • Max: I saw that clip a week ago, and considered the quote to be taken out of context. It appears she is simply complaining about the overall trend in the U.S. for the upper class intellectual class (which because of the country’s overall demographics is mostly white) to more than anyone else oppose vaccination, usually out of ignorance. She then took the trend to the most absurd level to illustrate her point.

  • Cotour

    A good friend sent me this this morning:

    “Democrats applaud this. They like telling people who are and who aren’t “essential”. Communists. I hate them.”


    My interpretation?

    Its all good. Why is everything so contentious, desperate and chaotic in America today?

    Because Trump existentially threatens what it is that you hate, the Democrat, now Leftist driven blue cities and state dictatorial governance styles. Trump threatens their existence and that makes them all desperate to take him out. But the people will ultimately judge who in fact has their interests in mind, and who does not. They are gathering the evidence in real time.

    Everyone in these obnoxious blue cities and states gets to see what they “Bought” when they voted for these phony dictatorial Democrat, Liberals & Leftists, and that in the end will or should translate into a change in attitude in governance in the coming elections. It has already begun in California with the election of newly elected (R) Conservative representative Mike Garcia who takes the place of disgraced millennial “Progressive” (D) Congress person, Katie Hill.

    “California Rep. Katie Hill — who’s been under fire for engaging in a “throuple” relationship with a former female campaign staffer — announced Sunday that she’s resigning from Congress.”

    President Obama just the other day attacked the president and called him “childish”. Childish desperation IMO on the part of former president Obama. And as the evidence continues to dribble out related to how he and those in his administration abused their power and violated private American citizens Rights in order to gain a political advantage, among many other what I am certain will be revealed as illegal activities will give a very good view into who in fact is “childish” and who is actually acting in the interests of the American people and the Constitution.

    You don’t personally like Trump? Who cares? Get over it, and get over yourself. Not relevant in the big scheme of things.

    Do you think that Bill DeBlasio, “Progressive” junior “Sandinista” mayor of NYC will ever again find anyone to vote for him again? Get my point? He has been revealed to be weak, desperate and incompetent, and all the while pointing his boney Leftist “Progressive” finger elsewhere in stead of looking in the mirror. A Leftist always blames others for their incompetence, always. They must lie, just like the Chinese Communist leadership must lie about EVERYTHING. Its the nature of the beast.

    We all reveal what were are made of under pressure, and all of these Democrat now Leftist oriented empowered politicians in these blue cities and states have all revealed themselves in no uncertain terms during this Corona virus event to be what they are, your keepers, your owners and not your representatives. Now the people will take action to remedy this un and anti American condition in our country.

    And that is what Trump really is about, he threatens in real terms these un and anti American actors in our midst. That is why there is so much turmoil and chaos, its all about Trump and how he threatens it all. And that is a very good thing.


  • Edward

    LocalFluff noted: “Some say that the lock down causes mental health problems. But the causality is the reverse, it was psychic hallucinations and thoughtless panic that caused the lock down.

    No, the causality is not just the reverse, it works both directions. What a vicious cycle. mental health panic causes them to lock down, which causes more mental health derangement, causing them to extend the lockdown, causing more mental health psychosis and longer lockdowns and more mental health paranoia and longer lockdowns and more mental health schizophrenia and longer …

    How will the insanity end?

  • Rose

    Uncommon Knowledge with Peter Robinson
    Dr. Jay Bhattacharya: His new MLB COVID-19 Study and the Dilemma of the Lockdown

    The latest U.K. interview of Dr. Bhattacharya (author of the Santa Clara serology study) on his recent serology study of MLB employees and the effectiveness yet futility of lockdowns.

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