Future Republican battle leans right and anti-establishment

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Three more stories today, in addition to this already posted story (Cruz’s political stature enhanced by campaign) suggest that the Republican Party is going to move rightward and anti-establishment.

The headline of the last story is misleading. What it is really about is how Cruz’s yearlong effort to enlist conservatives who agree with him as Republican delegates will result in giving him and his views a great deal of influence at the convention and within the party. Similarly, Trump as nominee puts him in a powerful position to influence policy. Meanwhile, the old guard establishment of moderate Republicans who specialized in failure theater and giving Democrats everything they want are not showing up.

So, what will we have? We will have a Republican convention dominated by either Cruz conservatives or Trump outsiders. This is good news, even if I myself am not enthused about Trump. It likely means that the days of nonchalant surrender to liberal demands are ending. Though what will happen instead remains unknown, and might very well be as bad, the change is more likely to be a good thing.



  • Garry

    The term “Creative Destruction” comes to mind (and hopefully fruition)

  • Joe

    The term Creative Destruction is usually used for free market economics, i see no reason why it couldn’t be coopted as a term for change in politics, hopefully the right people are not destroyed.

  • D K Rögnvald Williams

    We are in uncharted territory. One assumed presidential nominee who donated money to another assumed nominee who is under FBI investigation. Strange times.

  • Mitch S

    DK RW,
    Hope you’re not feeling so depressed about this.
    Had Republicans marched to the leader’s orders and nominated Jeb or Rubio and had Democrats done the same and coronated Hillary, that would make me worry about the future of the country.
    Although the Dem establishment jammed Hillary into place, at least there was a serious opposition.

    The current situation is a step into the unknown but the voters are willing to gamble to break the corrupt stranglehold. We all must do what we can to help it succeed.
    If Republicans like the Romney and the Bushes opt out in a huff, I say “good riddance” – you are showing us your true loyalties lie with a corrupt buddy system and not with the American people.

  • Cotour

    Mitch S, your channeling me.

  • Steve Earle

    This has been a three-way fight since the very start. Trump outsiders, Cruz reformers, and Bush/Ryan Rino’s.

    As said above, if this was the past, it would have been a Bush/Clinton Election. Thank God that at least one side had the sense to break with the past.

    The Rino’s did attempt a half-ass alliance with Cruz at the end, but it was almost a case of damning with faint praise and probably did more harm than good to the Cruz campaign.

    I agree that it’s long past time that the Republican party got an Enema, and I remain hopeful that this will end well. I think a lot is riding on who Trump picks as a running mate. If he sends the wrong signal the damn Rino’s may try a 3rd party….

    As DK noted above: Strange Times Indeed!

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