GAO report: Bergdahl hostage swap broke law

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The law is such an inconvenient thing: A new GAO report concludes that the Obama administration broke the law when it exchanged five Taliban leaders for Bowe Bergdahl.



  • Cotour

    And so what? In order for there to be meaning to this breaking of law there must be a consequence. If there is no consequence then it does not matter.

  • Pzatchok

    Can we take them back?

    I would rather have them running around the US than Bergdahl.

    At least they are honest about their intentions.

  • Cotour

    This is a meaningless story, the president “felt” that he should do what he did and that is enough. He is not bound by U.S. law, he is actually above it and operates outside of it because the Congress ultimately fears his color. A BS happy horse crap story, this horse is out of the barn and is in the process of fertilizing the Constitution. You remember the Constitution, its the document that all politicians swear to uphold and then ignore because they “feel” its the “right thing to do.

    This is the brave new BS world that we live in at the moment.

  • Cotour

    This IMO is a more weighty story about this administration breaking the law where something may come about from it. May.

  • Cotour

    The culmination of the lies.

    The administrations of the last four presidents have claimed to be securing the boarder or that the boarder is secure, when we all know it is not because they have actively encouraged people to cross it, and now they tell you that this newest group is developing a method of destroying an entire U.S. city. Does anyone see a pattern here? We seem to be living with the enemy.

  • I just posted this story. I agree, quite important. It might take time for the many illegalities of this administration to wind their way through the courts, but eventually they all will, and when they do, as they are doing now, the wheels will come off this corrupt power-hungry president and his minions.

  • Cotour

    Yes, “in time”. Chew on this little ditty that I just became aware of, I will be interested if you were aware of it and what it without question establishes about the Kennedy assassination. It was revealed through a FOIA filing in 1996 by the NY Times who interviewed Gerald Ford about the deceptive actions that he took. His actions and Nixon’s knowledge of them were apparently what Nixon used to ensure that he would get his pardon.

    You can not argue with mathematics and physics and what this says about what really goes on in the world, including our government (let us not be naive). It only took 33 years for this to be revealed and what difference has it made? None to my knowledge, so while you may be correct I ask again, what difference will it make? The deed is done the path for the country has been established and that path is not related to the Constitution. Quite the contrary.

  • Cotour


    Is it reasonable to ask who really has created this situation and what the end game may actually be?

  • Cotour

    Just to clarify, when I say “create” I mean as a result of intentional activities and unintentional activities. Sometimes it is hard to tell the difference given the seemingly intentional actions undertaken by our own government and the absolute anti American implications that they have. I understand that government by its nature is a broken and imperfect animal but the road map that we have been given is clear and we do so many things to undermine it. And that too is by our nature.

  • Steve C

    To quote Al Gore, “There is no controlling legal authority.”

  • Cotour

    Yes, there are many quotable quotes from Manbearpig and that is certainly one of them.

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