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Georgia election officials predict senate election count will take weeks

The fix is in: Georgia election officials are now predicting that a final count on the two senate runoff elections in early January will take weeks to complete.

What they are actually doing is preparing the public for a suspicious vote count that will give victories to both Democratic Party candidates, similar to the suspicious vote count that gave the state victory to Joe Biden in the presidential election. Expect more allegations of fake ballots, blocked poll watchers in Fulton County districts dominated by Democrats, and the misuse of Dominion machines whose trustworthiness is very suspect. Those allegations, the same as seen from the November 3rd vote, will result in legal battles because the election board and the quisling Republican governor Kemp will fight any effort to investigate the allegations.

If those allegations carried no weight, these crooks would not fight a full investigation. That they are resisting strongly suggests they are hiding something. And any Democrat victories, with polls showing both Republicans in the lead, will reinforce that suggestion.

Note too that these crooks have also done nothing to make sure these allegations do not get repeated. Nothing.

The fix is in. This is the Republicans last hill to fight on. If they don’t fight here, and win, there will be no more fights. They will never win another election ever. The Democrats will use their majority in the House and Senate, combined with the fake President Biden, to pass laws that will make political opposition impossible, as they have done in California and New York and Chicago and anywhere where they had the power to do so.

And since it appears the Republicans are not fighting, the war is over. Freedom and democracy in America is about to die.

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  • Marek Petrovsk

    > They will never win another election ever. <

    I agree completely, comrade!

  • wayne

    Grapes of Wrath
    “Them’s Two for a Penny…”

  • David K

    @Robert Zimmerman

    “They will never win another election ever” is a phrase that is repeated every decade or so and it never happens.

    The opposition party still controls most state houses, most governors, the Supreme Court, and even if they tend to use their power sparingly, they do tend to use it when it matters most.

    Consider me white pilled.

  • Cotour

    (I will channel Jeff F here)

    Jeff F:

    Mr. Zimmerman,

    Your continuing assertions that there was any cheating in the presidential election is entirely unfounded, all assertions of cheating have been found to be false by all of the courts that the issue was brought before. They all threw the cases out because there is no evidence and not one was held valid.

    And your continuing to push that same narrative related to the upcoming Georgia Senatorial elections is irresponsible and serves only to promote the extreme Right Trumpers need to disrupt our Democracy.


    Its easy to be Jeff F.

  • Cotour: My gosh, why couldn’t you have said this earlier!? I have seen the light. The evidence you have presented, all from reliable sources, proves your point completely!

    On a more serious note, I want to point out that many of Mr. Fauva’s sources also happen to be the same sources that for almost four years insisted that Donald Trump was a stooge of the Russians, and when that was shown by their own hand-picked investigation team to be utter hogwash, somehow conveniently forgot they had ever said it. Reliable, indeed!

  • janyuary

    Cotour — channeling Jeff, good one!

    Mr. Z: “And since it appears the Republicans are not fighting, the war is over. Freedom and democracy in America is about to die.”

    The war has begun because Republicans dropped the ball. Freedom and democracy in America are requiring ideas and perhaps people to die, in order to maintain liberty.

    The U.S. has been in a state of lawlessness since March. Where have Republicans been? This fraudulent election and the economic slaughter of C19 mandates arrived simultaneously by design. Election fraud has been happening in Western states for decades.

    Election fraud, where does it stand as a priority when I am asked to respect those who are afraid of a virus that 99.9-plus percent of the population has survived after a year of homicidal attack on businesses and social culture. I have contempt for those who willingly wear masks, fist-bump, and maintain “safe social distancing” and I express it these days. A president who failed to state the obvious is worth letting go.

    We are already in the throes of war — however, the aggressor is our own government, and it is only when we the people rise up and become outlaws that our nation will be officially declared “lawless.” It is, however, lawless at this moment. Remember always that government was the lawless perp and the first to act.

  • James Street

    With all the crazy uncertainty my money is still on a Trump victory.*

    *While being fully prepped for a Biden victory.

  • Cotour


    Maybe I think about this stuff too much, but its where my interests lie. And so I in studying politics and human nature and the human condition and understanding myself as I do I generally know more about these issues than most of the people who I know and who are my friends. Its just my nature, and I make no apologies for it.

    That being said, most people, in this case most Americans, are just not as versed in politics as myself and others and they are only tangentially concerned with it (I am poaching your favorite word here, Wayne, hope you don’t mind :). They are in fact more immersed in their every day lives and the lives of their family members and their making ends meet related to work and everything else that goes along with that, and that is reasonable. And change comes in dribs and drabs and you adapt as needed. I totally understand that and can not hold them as responsible as they should be held for their ignorance. And ignorance is not the correct word.

    And they / we have in fact been trained in certain ways to be ignorant on some issues and that is an extension of the luxury life that we all live here in America. If you are an American or have come to America to live you live a real and true luxury life, a real world fantasy.

    And in that luxury, in that fantasy there is apathetic existential danger.

    Most people live as just so many cows and pigs. And I do not mean that in a derogatory manner. And they do what they are required to do in their lives when they are required to do it. Your born, you grow and gain experience, your educated, you go to work, you pay your rent or your mortgage, you marry, you have kids, you figure out how to send them to school, you figure out how to pay your healthcare bill, you live in some degree of fear of failure now and then, you absorb media, you watch your TV shows, you communicate with your friends using Social Media, etc, etc, you know the drill. You live your life, and some ask: Is there more?

    And much like so many cows and the pigs you do what it is that you do, everything is what it is.

    And because of this condition you hold on to your version of “Normal” and you live your life and do what it is that you and the many others that you live with on this planet at this particular moment in time do. And then one day or over a series of tightly connected days, months or years things change and you realize that things are not quite as they once were. You realize, or may realize, that there has all of this time existed others in the world that do not think exactly as you think and they have lived a bit of a different life or have come to a bit of a different conclusion about what should and should not be.

    And sometimes a vehicle arrives, not necessarily having wheels, and everyone you know his herded in one way or another onto or into following the vehicle, and all of a sudden you are a steak or a pork chop on someone else’s plate. And that is just a part of the real reality that we live so many levels disassociated from in America specifically.

    Do I hold those potential steaks and pork chops responsible for their “New” reality?

    In the end we are all individually responsible for what happens to us, and by extension our country. Life is a fight as is politics, warfare of the first order.

    Life turns on a dime, lets not to be a steak or a pork chop on someone else’s plate in 2021 America.

  • Gary

    I must first admit that for the first time, I have become addicted to my TV screen. My fourteen year old daughter introduced me to Korean dramas and with this I’ve found the first bit of entertainment worth watching on TV. After watching Mr Sunshine, I looked up the name of a British journalist that appeared in the last episode. Fredrick Arthur Mackenzie was one of only two English speaking journalist who reported the events that saw the overthrow of the five hundred year Chosen (Joseon ) Kingdom and the establishment of the Korean Empire (Japanese Vassal state). I’m reading his 1907 book, “The Tragedy of Korea” where he begins the story in the 1860s of a goal oriented Japanese Empire, a weakened China and Russia, a complacent United States, England and Germany. Finally, a Japanese “Belt and Road” program and a weak Joseon king resulted in Japanese occupation and the loss of many lives. MacKenzie tried to warn the world of the future world peril presented by the Japanese, our ally. Weak leadership, control of information, the lure of money and investment resulted in much misery for the Koreans. Resistance after the fact proved futile and it was only with the total defeat of Japan that Korean, which presently is drifting towards China, found independence and of course division.
    So, we are about to have a weak king and have a controlled press/educational system, with Wall Street begging at China’s door. This scenario is the result of thirty to forty years of complacency. Donald Trump tried to awaken the country, but the timing might have been too late. Today, Americans are mostly asleep to the dangers. It is nearly impossible to fight an opposition which started to organize in the early days of the United States Communist Party and proceeded to divide this country until today we find ourselves in a country of many groups feeling oppressed based upon a false narrative, which has not been countered for many years. I believe that Chinese money has funded much of this and with Biden, the Chinese finally have achieved their goal. We will see what happens in Georgia and the subsequent four years. James, I wish you the best with your Trump fantasy.

  • Edward

    David K noted: “‘They will never win another election ever’ is a phrase that is repeated every decade or so and it never happens.

    Except in California, where elections fraud is written into the election law.

    Back in the days of free and fair elections in the U.S., we could get election results by the next morning. These days, since it takes so long to create and insert extra votes (as is now standard operating procedure in California, following the law), that delays are becoming routine wherever the vote needs to be fixed.

  • wayne

    James Street-
    Unfortunately, Biden will be installed on the 20th. He will be gone by the end of the year however, at which point we will be ruled by a Jamaican slave-owner.
    The Republicans will not lift a finger to stop any of this. There will be some token resistance but in the end, they love to be the loyal-opposition, the loser-brigade, and it’s good for raising money for think-tanks.

    “Sad but True”

  • wayne

    here we go… music that doesn’t exist, but probably should:

    “Eminence of Holy Wars and Creeping Death”
    Metallica, Megadeth, and The Who

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