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Georgia state senate: Election “untrustworthy” and should be decertified

After reviewing the available evidence the chairman of the Georgia state senate’s judiciary committee has issued a report calling the election results “untrustworthy” and demanding that the election certification be rescinded.

You can read the report here [pdf] The article at the link above provides a nice summary.

Georgia State Senator William T. Ligon, Chairman of the Election Law subcommittee, reached that conclusion after reviewing the recount process, the audit process, current investigations taking place, and litigation that is moving forward. His Subcommittee also heard testimonies from witnesses during an open hearing at the Georgia State Capitol on Thursday, December 3, 2020.

“The November 3, 2020 General Election (the “Election”) was chaotic and any reported results must be viewed as untrustworthy,” Sen. Ligon wrote in his executive summary.

The report itself lists in detail all the documented allegations, either from witness affidavits or testimony or from actual videos showing corruption, misbehavior, or very suspicious behavior. It is important to note that we are not talking about one or two allegations by only a few witnesses. We are talking of a giant stack, in the hundreds, many backed up by video evidence.

It does appear possible, from statements in the article above, that the Georgia state legislature might act to reject the certification and the chosen Democratic electors before January 6th.

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  • Kyle

    That would be refreshing if Georgia follows thru with it. I am guessing those other cowardly legislators of other states don’t want to be the first ones to reject the certification of the clearly fraudulent election, it would require them to be brave. But if another state already broke the seal, now will these cowards follow Georgia’s example and do the right thing or will they still be too weak to follow the constitution?

  • Mitch S

    Even if the legislature somehow did follow through, I’m sure the Dems will find a judge(s) to block them.
    And even if it’s pointed out the court doesn’t have the jurisdiction who will overturn the decision… SCOTUS? – we know that won’t happen.
    I just hope Georgians (and national GOP) are focusing on monitoring the upcoming Jan 5 election.
    I figure the magic suitcases of ballots have already been prepared.

  • Michelle L copeland

    If scotus refuses to hear the case on its merits because scotus is scared of people rioting perhaps they should consider that with the church now now offering its opinion and that opinions being. The other side(Left) is evil we now have the perfect concoction required for war… rioting is minimal compared to Civil Wars. But we forget it was never political parties. Alone who created wars.. Forget politicians…I’m concerned about the pastors.

  • Michelle L Copeland: Be aware that any action the Georgia legislature does has nothing whatsoever to do with the Supreme Court. The Constitution is very clear: the power to pick electors is entirely the right of the state legislatures, and no one else. If they decide to switch, then that is it. The switch is done.

    The only fallback would be for the Democrats in Congress to object, but there they are at a disadvantage, as the House would decide, voting not by representative but by state caucuses, and the Republicans hold the majority there.

  • mkent

    Robert: It’s been a while since I looked into this (probably 2000 during the Bush v. Gore fiasco), but I don’t think that’s correct any longer.

    If this had happened a month ago, the Georgia legislature could probably have made the switch. But since then the Georgia secretary of state has certified the election for Biden, the Democratic electors have voted for Biden, and the results have been transmitted to Washington D.C. I’m almost certain that when Vice President Pence (in his role as president of the Senate) opens the Georgia envelope on January 6th, the paper inside will read 16 votes for Biden / Harris.

    Since the Republican electors have also voted (for Trump / Pence), I suspect that if the Georgia legislature formally declares the original election and thus the original selection of electors fraudulent, that a member of the House and a Senator will object to counting Georgia’s votes for Biden. Mo Brooks in the House has already stated he will do this, and I expect at least one Senator will as well (probably Josh Hawley).

    If that happens, then each house of Congress retreats into its chamber and they independently decide on which electors to count. If both houses agree — and unfortunately I suspect they will (I expect the Democrats to vote unanimously for Biden regardless of the level of corruption exposed and in a 50/50 Senate I expect at least one Republican (probably Mitt Romney — he seems to have a personal grudge against Trump) to side with the Democrats) — then they will vote for Biden. If they can’t come to an agreement, then the Georgia votes don’t count for anyone.

    It’s only if enough states are in dispute that no one gets to 270 electoral votes does it go back to the separate chambers to choose the president (in the House voting by state delegation) and vice president (in the Senate voting by Senator).

    I hope the Republicans do this — if for no other reason than to expose the level of corruption in the election — but the chances of success are slim. And if successful, there will be “fireworks.”

    And if you want *real* fireworks, let the Senate vote by 50/50 with Pence casting the tie-breaking vote for himself and Trump. That would be epic.

  • David Eastman

    In the immediate aftermath of the election as all the circumstantial evidence of massive fraud appeared, and it became obvious that the results were nonetheless going to stand, I considered having this thrown to congress to be the only, and best option. I also assumed that it was much better than 50/50 odds that the house, even though it would be Republican majority on those terms, would select Biden anyways. This would be hugely frustrating, and probably spell the destruction of the Republican party, but at least it would preserve the system. As is, this is still probably going to destroy the party, and also leave a large percentage of the voting public convinced that the system is completely rigged and corrupt and their voices will not be allowed to be heard.

  • jgann

    It’s amazing how many Republicans are willing to take a blow torch to the idea of elections choosing our President. If anything like that were to happen, our days as a Democrat Republic are over. We will then be an authoritarian government. And if you look at what Trump is doing right now, just IMAGINE him in a 2nd term with no constraints on him at all.. He will go full Putin, locking up members of the media and any politician who crosses him. Why vote any more if the party that loses can disregard the other party’s candidate winning by 7 million votes and getting 306 Electoral votes and APPOINT their own candidate? Are you really prepared to trash our entire system for THIS guy? Really? Sad.

  • jburn

    it’s my understanding we are Constitutional Republic and have been for nearly 250 years. The patterns playing out aren’t new and the Republic has survived this and worse. If anything it demonstrates the checks, balances and safeguards which prevent centralized authoritarianism are alive and well despite the best attempts of those (foreign and domestic) who would corrupt the process.

  • Michael Mangold

    jgann–it’s the Democrats who have fought every effort at preventing election fraud. It’s the Democrats who have fought to expand vote-by-mail and to extend the deadline for accepting ballots beyond election day. This mess belongs to the Democrats and your statement is a classic attempt at Democrat projection.

  • Questioner


    Sad is that you “Democrats” cheated on a large scale and manipulated the election in order to be able to impose your neo-Marxist agenda on the American people and betray America to China.

    You have done massive damage to American democracy. You are the guilty ones, the bad guys! Trump is the true one who leads a heroic struggle against a corrupt political system (“swamp”, “deep state”), of which many Republicans are unfortunately a part.

  • Rather than try to explain the Democratic Party corruption to jgan, I think it might be better for jgan to actually read my post, and the evidence I link to that documents clearly the amount of election fraud in Georgia.

    This is the point. If jgan is not willing to defend and honor the sacredness of a clean election, than jburn is complicit in the destruction of democracy, not Donald Trump.

    Read the evidence please. Are you so partisan that you refuse to see it exists?

  • wayne

    “If anything it demonstrates the checks, balances and safeguards which prevent centralized authoritarianism are alive and well despite the best attempts of those (foreign and domestic) who would corrupt the process.”
    Q:What version of our Constitution, do you pre-suppose we are living under right now?

  • Rick

    While everyone knew that the Democrats were going to cheat, the Republicans stood back and let it happen. Down to the Republican poll watchers quietly leaving the ballot count to the Democrats.
    I see this as more politics, Ga knows that changing their electors won’t be enough, but they can brag that they did it.

  • Cotour

    jgan (Not jburn):

    “It’s amazing how many Republicans are willing to take a blow torch to the idea of elections choosing our President. ”

    I think if you stop for one moment and think, assuming you are genuine and not just a Democrat operative, you would see that because the Democrats have clearly conspired in the many ways that have already been revealed to cheat, what you propose is supporting their cheating and allowing it to stand and calling that Democracy. How do you conflate that into the Republicans, “Taking a blow torch” to the idea of elections?

    A valid election is to be faire and there ideally should be no cheating. (Even if you are from another planet the same standards would apply. Its a universal absolute)

    Do you cheat in life and call it good? Do you allow your dentist to say that he filled your cavity, make you pay the bill, but both he and you know he did not fill your cavity?

    That is not Democracy, that is allowing and encouraging fraud and corruption to reign and choose our leadership. Do you live a fraudulent life? If not, then why do you suggest that we all do just that?

    The Constitution is in full force and it has provided for the solution for this situation caused by men (and women), what is clearly the wholesale cheating of the Democrat party and their minions in the 2020 presidential election. Clearly.

  • Jeff Fauva

    Election ‘truthers’

    We are a nation of laws. Courts evaluate claims and apply the laws. These claims have gone nowhere. You cannot then point to the documents and bodies that created these courts and laws and expect they provide a different result.

  • Cotour

    Jeff F:

    The courts have chosen to NOT hear ANY evidence. This is where your argument falls apart, you fail miserably here.

    Why is that, why will a state court, or even the Supreme Court, do everything under the sun to not hear evidence?

    Because, 1. No court / judge wants to put themselves in the middle of this because they, Fear retribution by the Democrat party enforcers of fear, ANTIFA and BLM that have purposefully developed over the summer for all to see, and 2. They would be shooting themselves in the butt if indeed the Democrats take over because the Democrats and acolytes like you have threatened to black list law firms and anyone who supports anything Trump. FACTS.

    The law is just fine, the Constitution is just fine, and all of this will be arriving where it is designed to arrive, at the door step of the Congress and the Senate. And that is by design.

    The question remains: Will these empowered individual Americans, these Congress persons and Senators shouldered with these fiduciary responsibilities regarding our Constitution do what they must do? Do they have the intestinal fortitude to do what must be done, what is hard rather than easy?

    You stay tuned.

  • Jeff Fauva


    Courts often will not hear a case due to standing or other issues, this is true. Within the 60 or so election fraud cases, some cases did evaluate the evidence and found it unconvincing.

  • Cotour

    What do you not understand contained in my previous post related to why a court, specifically in this presidential election case, would not tend to want to “Go there” ?

  • Jeff Fauva


    If you are talking about courts being intimidated by BLM and antifa, that is another conspiracy theory with no basis in reality.

  • jburn

    perhaps I didn’t communicate my point well or you are mistaking me for jgan. I’m outraged at the corruption evidenced by the Democrat party actions and hopeful the Constitutional process will prevail and our Republic remains intact.

  • jburn: My error. My comment was meant for jgan.

  • Cotour

    Everything that you can not “SEE”, is a conspiracy theory?


    Just technique.

  • Cotour

    Jeff F:

    “Pittsburgh Antifa Leader Threatens Trump with Violence if he Fails to Concede, Twitter suspends him”

    Who do you think this Democrat / Marxist Michigan law maker was threatening and who do you think she was threatening them with?

    You sir, are either just uninformed and are confusing yourself, or you are a Democrat / Leftist operative just selling your whores and heroin on the BTB corner. And no one is buying.

  • Cotour

    Jeff F:

    And there is no evidence, Im sure to you anyway, of Hunter Biden being the front man for Joe, his father, the vice president and the Communist Chinese either.


    Evidence is a funny thing, you either choose to see it, or you choose to not see it.

  • Edward

    Jeff Fauva wrote: “We are a nation of laws. Courts evaluate claims and apply the laws. These claims have gone nowhere.

    Once again, give any evidence at all, and the election truthers pooh pooh it in that neener neener way.

    It was bad enough when the FBI and various prosecutors have chosen to let get away with crimes yet chose to persecute people whom they knew committed no crime. That makes us a nation of men, not of laws. The law is applied equally in a nation of laws, but we see that it matters who you are when it comes to whether or not to prosecute and whether or not to prosecute based upon evidence or based upon the brute force of government.

    When the courts choose who to let get away with crimes rather than hear the case, we are in yet another hopeless situation of being a nation of men, not of laws.

  • Edward

    Come to think of it, the only court that I know of that heard a case then gave a ruling that contained language that showed her extreme bias. A court should not be hearing cases when it has a bias. Our courts are supposed to be disinterested third parties, not prejudiced. Justice does not come from prejudice.

  • Bob Smith

    Great idea. They’ll never follow through on it, and even if they did it will be tied up in the courts until after the inauguration, at which time the courts will dispose of it as moot. SCOTUS just docketed Trump’s PA appeal for Jan 22. There can be no stronger signal that SCOTUS will dispose of the appeal as moot without ever looking at the merits.

  • Tom

    Jgan states, “Are you really prepared to trash our entire system for THIS guy? Really? Sad”

    20-50 people murdered, 2 Billion dollars in damages, thousands injured, assassination attempts on police, police station burned to the ground, federal buildings being attacked, looting, rioting, fabricate of society seriously damaged, neighborhoods destroyed, etc.

    For a guy who died in police custody while violently resisting arrest. You can’t be serious?

  • Martin Knight

    Let’s hope Trump follows through on what he Tweeted earlier today and appoints a Special Counsel who resolves to get some answers before January 20th.

    Here’s a rough outline of how it can work within such a short timeframe;

    • President Trump calls Chiefs of Police in FL, TX, SC, ND, SD, TN, AL, MS, ID, WY, etc. and other Republican States, asking them each for a list of 20 or more officers who are willing to serve as deputized Federal Marshals. This minimizes the chances of retaliation against the officers by Democrat Governors and Mayors.

    • The Attorney General, or whoever is acting in that capacity, in the Oval Office, signs a letter, under seal, appointing a person of the President’s choice as a Special Counsel to investigate the 2020 General Election in line with 52 U.S.C. §§ 10307 and 20511.

    • Special Counsel swiftly assembles a prosecution team and deploys attorneys to supervise activities in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Nevada. Proceeds to empanel a Grand Jury in friendly locale.

    • Special Counsel, with or without support from the Commander-in-Chief, secures hall space on a military base for forensic experts and machines to process evidentiary material. This is for security reasons and to minimize occurences of protests and disruption.

    • Recommended law enforcement personnel are officially deputized as Federal Marshals and instructed to report to staging grounds in Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Nevada.

    • Marshal Deputies are issued with bodycams, patches and jackets with insignia, and are briefed that they will be performing a seizure of evidentiary material which will be documented by themselves, other cameras and invited members of the Press.

    • Selected local journalists from local, small news outlets are called up and invited to accompany a Federal prosecutor and the Marshals on a “raid” and are issued with “Press” identifiers. This is within 30 minutes of “go-time” and they are not allowed to call or email anyone until afterwards.

    • Special Counsel Attorneys, Press observers, and Marshal Deputies, without advance notice, enter state/local government facilities where election materials are stored, set up pole mounted cameras to document their work, and proceed to bag, tag and seal all ballots, registers, poll books, etc. and take forensic images of the tabulator software. All materials seized are diligently recorded, with reporters again invited to document.

    • Pallets of evidentiary materials from all locations, accompanied by Marshal Deputies and members of the Press, are delivered to the nearest airfield and flown to military base for forensic processing.

    • Special Counsel holds Press Conference;
    – Reveals existence and reasons for investigation (displays stack of affidavits, videos on screen, statistical anomalies), identifies legal authorities and exigent circumstances, describes activities so far and notes that everything has been documented on video and by members of the Press.
    – Notes that the passage of the Safe Harbor deadline means no interference with states’ election certification processes.
    – Describes the forensic examination process, and the signs that identify a genuine ballot versus a fake ballot, especially with regard to absentee ballots. These signs can be detected at high speed by the machines on ground, allowing hundreds of thousands of ballots to be processed per day. These signs will show if an absentee ballot was produced by an authorized printshop with the required security features, whether it ever entered the postal system and whether the voting marks on the ballot was done by a human being or a machine, etc.
    – Announces that all footage, machine logs, and software in use by the forensic examination teams will be released in full and that members of the Press, as before, will also be allowed observe and document the process, including the unsealing and unpacking of each pallet.
    – Answers hostile, accusatory and bombastic questions by angry and panicking journalists.
    – Announces that the first pallets shall be unsealed and processed immediately and, given the public interest, the processing shall be done in 24 hour shifts until complete, with interim reports of findings released every 6 hours.
    – Ends Press Conference.

  • Martin Knight

    @Jeff Fauva

    No court has actually evaluated the evidence or allowed any form of discovery. On Judge in PA cancelled such a hearing at the last minute. And, a Judge in Michigan simply took the explanations from local election officials as being 100% accurate, and simply declared the affidavits and evidence presented as “wrong” without any of the affiants being interviewed.

    By the way, swearing out a false affidavit is supposed to be a crime – but strangely enough, the AG in Michigan is only targeting the lawyers. On assumes she wants to avoid discovery, which is what must happen (not even Judges can dodge that) if she tries to prosecute the affiants.

  • Questioner

    ‘Very disturbing’: Dozens of Georgia witnesses expose election irregularities—Pt 2


    00:00 David Gore
    05:09 Matthew Webler
    08:34 Kristina Malimon
    12:02 Jamie J. Parrish
    22:13 Garland Favorito
    37:18 Hale Soucie

  • Andrew_W

    Below a comment at Kiwiblog from Steve Todd I thought informative which I’ve copied and paste in full:

    Steve Todd
    Yesterday, I stumbled across the following item (at the blogsite, ‘Balkinization’).

    In Richard Nixon’s first book, Six Crises (1962), which he wrote in response to John F. Kennedy’s 1956 book, Profiles in Courage, he discusses the 1960 presidential campaign and the allegations of voter fraud by Democrats.

    He then explains why he decided not to demand a recount (on page 413). This is what he says—

    “If I were to demand a recount, the organization of the new Administration and the orderly transfer of responsibility from the old to the new might be delayed for months. The situation within the entire Federal Government would be chaotic. Those in the old Administration would not know how to act–or with what clear powers and responsibilities–and those being appointed by [John F.] Kennedy to positions in the new Administration would have the same difficulty making any plans.

    “Then too, the bitterness that would be engendered by such a maneuver on my part would, in my opinion, have done incalculable and lasting damage throughout the country. And finally, I could think of no worse example for nations abroad, who for the first time were trying to put free electoral procedures into effect, than that of the United States wrangling over the results of our presidential election, and even suggesting that the presidency itself could be stolen by thievery at the ballot box. It is difficult enough to get defeated candidates in some of the newly independent countries to abide by the verdict of the electorate. If we could not continue to set a good example in this respect in the United States, I could see that there would be open-season for shooting at the validity of free elections throughout the world.

    “Consequently, I made the decision not to support the contest and recount charges. I know that this greatly disappointed many of my best friends and most ardent supporters–but I could see for myself no other responsible course of action.”

    Now isn’t that interesting?

    (See Gerard N. Magliocca’s item, Richard Nixon on the 1960 Election, Tuesday, November 10, 2020, at, then scroll down to the bottom of the page.)

    Thumb up 29 Thumb down 22REPLY REPORTDECEMBER 28, 2020 8:02AM

  • Cotour

    That was then this is now and the real threat of Socialism and the insanity and un and anti American thinking and justifications for their own brand of insanity is on the edge of being fully installed, and that comes along with the Globalist agenda and the Communist Chinese who will come to own both America AND New Zealand.

    Your New Zealand freedoms remain with the fortunes of America.

    Be not naive, the Chinese will come for you first and make an example of you for the rest of the world to see.

  • Andrew_W

    China will of course try to supplant America as the most influential nation on the planet and, like other powers before it, will try to spread it’s own standards and practices, obviously this will need to be addressed.

    It’s just human nature: If you have power, you’ll be tempted to use it, there has to be push-back against it, and there will be, there always is, that’s also human nature. China, as it is now though will always struggle to spread its influence due to the short-comings of its own standards and practices: Central control and socialism are inefficient.

  • Cotour

    Andrew W:

    “obviously this will need to be addressed.”

    If America is supplanted you, New Zealand, will have NO ability to do what it is that you say must be done. They will own you.

    Then what?

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