Gingrich plans ‘visionary’ speech on space this week in Florida

Gingrich has announced that he plans to give a “visionary” speech on space this week in Florida.

To me, this does not bode well. The last thing the American aerospace industry needs right now is another politician dictating a “new” path. The best thing Gingrich could do is to endorse the effort to have private companies do the work, and to then outline how he will get the government out of their way.


  • Ron

    “and to then outline” … Split infinitive! Shame,

  • Sorry Ron, but it has been permissible to split one’s infinitives for decades. But thanks for wanting to keep me on my toes.

  • Joe2

    Actually, you will probably like Gingrich’s speech.

    Based on things he has said recently, he will probably endorse one or more prizes to be paid to the first private entity to accomplish X, Y or Z. Then call for downsizing or eliminating NASA entirely.

    It will all be Bravo Sierra of course, but it will suit your philosophy.

  • Kelly Starks

    Still better then Obama saying the space program should be phased out.

  • Joe2

    Actually, Obama did not say that either (though that is likely to be thr result of his policy). Trouble is that is the likely result of the Gingrich policy as well (a buch of uncollected prizes).

  • Kelly Starks

    >.. Obama did not say that either ..

    When he was campaining in Florida he said NASA didn’t inspire, adn the money should be trasnfered to education or something. He STOPED saying that when he realized he needed Florida’s deligates to beat Hillary.

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