Gingrich questioned about his extramartial affairs

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Gingrich was pressed yesterday about his extramartial affairs by a forum audience member.



  • Dave Hollick

    His response should have been “Less often than Bill Clinton”.

  • LINO

    If that’s the standard, Gary Hart might be president!

  • Chris Kirkendall

    It really is funny the way the Left deals with these things – if it’s a Dem accused of this type of thing, we’re supposed to understand that this is a private, personal matter, and none of anyone else’s business. It’s between him & his wife, we’re told. But they go looking for any Conservative politician that isn’t squasky-clean and act outraged if he isn’t. That’s not to defend Newt – he’s made mistakes & will have to own up to them & possibly pay the price politically. But let’s have it go both ways – if this is indeed a deal-breaker, then it should be the same regardless of political affiliation.

  • LINO

    Left or right: Politicians should be accountable for their behavior. It becomes everyone’s business when a politician of any stripe lays such behavior out there as a standard.

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