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Global image of Mars from UAE’s Al-Amal orbiter

Mars as seen by Al-Amal in January 2022
Click for original image.

Cool image time! The United Arab Emirates (UAE) today released several new images taken by its Al-Amal Mars orbiter, showing the changing atmospheric conditions on Mars between September ’21 and January ’22.

The photo to the right, cropped and annotated by me, is the January image, showing the dust storm conditions that presently exist in the equatorial regions of Mars. The lighter puffy cloud-like features in the center of the image are a 1,500 mile wide dust storm centered on the equator. The white dot indicates the approximate spot where Perseverance sits in Jezero Crater, within that storm.

The previous Al-Amal image from September (available at the link) shows the whole Martian hemisphere with generally clear skies.

Below is a recent photo taken by Perseverance illustrating these dusty conditions.

The view of the rim of Jezero Crater, taken by Perseverance in February 2022
Click for full image.

The photo to the right, cropped and reduced to post here, was taken on February 10, 2022 by one of the rover’s high resolution cameras, and appears to be looking to the west at the rim of Jezero in the distance. As you can see, the view is extremely hazy.

While dusty conditions such as this caused the end of the Opportunity rover, and are about to end InSight’s mission, both those probes depended on solar panels for power. Thus, dust and lower lighting conditions cut the power available to both landers, to the point that both could no longer operate.

Perseverance does not depend on solar power, however, but a form of nuclear power, so this dust storm had no significant impact on its operations. Ingenuity however does use solar panels, and it is this dust storm that caused the month-long delay in the helicopter’s 19th flight as engineers waited for the Martian air to clear.


Conscious Choice cover

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  • Gary


    Is the plan for all Mars probes going forward to be powered by nuclear sources. Would seem insane to me to send something into that environment which was reliant on solar power.

  • Too bad there’s no mechanism provided for Ingenuity to return and get a recharge boost from Perseverence’s nuclear power, if needed. Or at least provide a blower on Perseverence that could blow off Ingenuity’s solar panels as Perseverence drives over it.

  • Andi

    Just wondering- should a dust devil come along and blow the dust off of Opportunity, could it actually wake up?

  • Andi: No. Opportunity is dead. Once its power dropped so low that it could no longer maintain the instruments at a certain temperature, they froze.

  • Lemuel Ricafort Vargas

    Might it be possible that Opportunity might have been buried completely (or partially), when that global dust storm hit it?

  • Lemuel Ricafort Vargas: No. The amount of material in a Martian dust storm is quite small. Remember, the atmosphere is 1/1000th as thick as Earth’s. The dust can block sunlight during a storm, and it can reduce the efficiency of a solar panel significantly, but neither requires very much dust.

  • As the pic at top illustrates, the quantity of sunlight being “blocked” isn’t large, together with the crater wall dozens of miles away being still visible, so the quantity of dust suspended in the air really isn’t all that much.

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