Global warming activists organize a petition to ban a column by Charles Krauthammer that criticized global warming activists of trying to silence opposing points of view.

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You can’t make this stuff up: Global warming activists organize a petition to ban a column by Charles Krauthammer that criticized global warming science and the activists who try to stuff it down our throats.

These activists don’t seem capable of addressing any of the actual facts that Krauthammer mentions in his column, facts that readers of this webpage already know in great detail. No, the debate tactic of today’s global warming fascists is simply to tell their opponents to “Shut up!” Who needs facts when you can silence your opponents?

In related news, CNN and at least one of its anchors have declared that the debate over global warming is over and that they no longer consider the skeptical view worth covering.

Debate is such an inconvenient thing.



  • joe

    Ten years ago I did not know what fascism was, I would look up the definition from time to time and always had a fuzzy idea, but I did not know, if ever there was a good definition of fascism, this Charles Krauthammer column nails it!

  • Jwing

    Science should never be considered completely “settled.” If it is deemed settled by consensus, than it is no longer science but is Dogma by decree.

    Me thinks the touch-feely, eco-hippie leftists currently pushing “climate change” have not completely thought out their agenda.

  • Cotour

    You don’t understand, there is no time left, the argument is over, taxes, I mean action must be taken!

    The president said so. THE PRESIDENT.

  • Samsa

    Meanwhile, what is that thing stuck to the space station and why don’t they tell us what is going on?!

  • Max

    I think we are learning that global warming is not the issue here. It’s “crisis” and then “management”. Michael Crighten wrote about this in “state of fear”. Climate change of 5° in 1000 years is not the issue here. It’s about fixing it now before it’s too late by raising our taxes, taking our freedoms, and having mastery of the economy by controlling all carbon sources. If they can just make us afraid enough and convince us that only government has the answers, the world will be theirs! Remember the motto of this administration, a crisis is just too good to waste. They’ve come too far to turn back now, and an Inconvenient truth will not stand in their way. For only $10 trillion, if you like your climate you can keep it. It’s a promise!

  • Pzatchok

    You heretics!!!!

    How dare you even think of not believing in the new true religion.

    Blasphemers. Unbelievers!!!!!

    Mann is the one and true profit. Heed his message of salvation for he knows how to save the planet or mother.

    Sarcasm off.

    That’s how they are acting, They are acting like religious zealots of old.

    Environmentalism is the new religion and the government is the new church and synod. Chosen professors and scientists are the new profits. The writers of the new doctrines.

  • BSJ

    In the same vein…

    It would appear that only Christians & Jews can qualify as Conservative.

    Keep it up Conservatives; You’ll remain a minority party FOREVER!

  • Cotour

    But intuitively and emotionally it makes such sense. Who needs actual science?

  • Don

    Who needs free speech when the left will tell us what is and what isn’t okay to say. Makes it all so much easier.

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