Global warming advocates finally admit their focus is politics, not science

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In writing a propaganda piece selling a global warming protest planned for Sunday in New York, this so-called journalist noted that if the crowd exceeds 100,000 “then the ‘People’s Climate March’ will likely mark the moment when global warming transitions from being a science and policy issue into a full-fledged social movement.

The writer goes on to rave about the diversity of the expected protesters, even while noting the following:

The People’s Climate March is backed by an unprecedented coalition of 45 major labor groups, including heavy hitters such as the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) — a group that Henn said “doesn’t mess around” — along with prominent grassroots environmental organizations like as well as religious organizations.

In other words, it is a union/leftist coalition and isn’t diverse at all.

Regardless, after reading that first quote highlighted above, words fail me. This is an outright admission that this movement has no interest in the data and in fact doesn’t want anyone else to have interest in the data either. They want to impose a political agenda on society, and are using a made-up scientific crisis to do it. Worse, a whole generation of climate scientists have abandoned the pursuit of science in order to help them.



  • Cotour

    Its emotion over logic, that’s how human beings operate. Mr. Spock will never be elected to the White House or anywhere else.

  • But there was a time when we admired Mr. Spock and wished to try to emulate him. Sadly, no longer.

  • Cotour

    Spock is still an admirable CHARACTER who displays many fine and idealized qualities that shines a bright contrasting light on both our human weaknesses and strengths. We however must push on with what we have to work with. Emotion moves humans to do big things, the things that must be done. We just await the emergence of a leader to properly focus the power that resides within us all. A Washington, a Jefferson, a Reagan, a next gen Constitutionally based thinker that can communicate.

    I remain pessimistically optimistic, another example of the contrast that resides within humans that Spock embodies.

  • ken anthony

    It’s long past time that we’ve identified what the left are. How do we take away there influence and power?

  • Cotour

    There either has to be a major fear producing disaster like a real collapse of the markets where people begin to starve or another major “terrorist” attack or the unmitigated military failure that may well come from this inept president prosecuting a war, or Conservative Republicans have to learn to emotionally communicate better.

    Whats more likely in your opinion? I will choose the chaos to snap the populous back into reality and relive the what amount to socialist Democrats of their power. We will see soon enough.

    I recently thought of this scenario and I have to tell you I believe that it is a possibility: The president is presented with a situation where he has to authorize a nuclear retaliatory strike, but does not.

    Its very dangerous when a weak man is put in power and is forced to make believe that he is strong (Obama). The Russians and the Chinese eat that stuff for breakfast. The only thing that may for the moment be saving us from this scenario is the economic interconnected nature of the worlds economy. And the Chinese and the Russians are pushing hard against that at this moment in time. If you have been reading the news, and keep in mind that the news is now a part of the problem, you are reading about Russian Bombers being intercepted, Chinese war ships docking in the Middle east, Chinese submarines off the coast of America. These are all strategies testing the envelope, testing the systems, testing the nerves.

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