“Global warming hasn’t stopped, it’s just hiding.”

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“Global warming hasn’t stopped, it’s just hiding.”



  • joe

    Maybe to an audience that watches American idol or dancing with whatever it is getting warmer and the heat is hiding, to people that do watch the weather both locally and national, it is not changing like they would have you believe. This global warming thing is being pushed by the democrats and the United nations, and when you look into it, its not about global warming or climate change, but about social justice and redistribution of wealth not just from americans, but from any one that consumes electricity or fuels!

  • John M. Egan

    Truly, I believe that is their agenda.

  • Edward

    Just as the mechanics of epicycles were not well explained, the mechanics of hidden energy is not well explained. It is a solution looking for a method.

    The article asks several good questions, my favorite being “Were the Ice Ages caused by hiding too much energy?” Looking at the Earth’s temperature record, it seems that ice ages are normal and the interglacial periods are the exception.

    This raises the question for warmists: “which environment do you want to save, the environment we have now, or the normal environment of the ice ages?”

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