Global warming must be happening! A politician declares it!

Pioneer cover

From the press release: From the moment he is handed a possibility of making the first alien contact, Saunders Maxwell decides he will do it, even if doing so takes him through hell and back.

Unfortunately, that is exactly where that journey takes him.

The vision that Zimmerman paints of vibrant human colonies on the Moon, Mars, the asteroids, and beyond, indomitably fighting the harsh lifeless environment of space to build new societies, captures perfectly the emerging space race we see today.

He also captures in Pioneer the heart of the human spirit, willing to push forward no matter the odds, no matter the cost. It is that spirit that will make the exploration of the heavens possible, forever, into the never-ending future.

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Stop the presses! Expert climate scientist and former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has used his extensive scientific research to determine, without a doubt, that the polar vortex that is presently freezing most of the country in record cold temperatures is unequivocally the result of global warming!

“The science is clear: Climate change makes extreme weather more frequent and more intense,” tweeted Mr. Bloomberg. “Americans are seeing this first hand from wildfires to hurricanes to the #PolarVortex in the Midwest. We need a climate champion in the WH who can lead us forward.”

I always go to politicians to get my science information. Don’t you? And in doing so, I immediately dismiss other details, such as the fact that the recent wildfires in California is mostly due to bad policy in clearing brush by California and the federal government, that there is no evidence of an increase hurricanes activity, and that back in the 1970s scientists linked the polar vortex to global cooling.

None of that actual data matters. A politician has spoken, and his word is always reliable. Moreover, this is a liberal politician, whose word is even more reliable, because he cares.

Finally, and maybe most important, he did this on twitter, that icon of thoughtful analysis and deep complex thought.

We should immediately shut down all fossil fuel operations, even if it means there will be no way to heat homes across most of the country and people will freeze to death. The world is being destroyed by those fuels, and we must save it!


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  • Randy

    Clearly….Your tolerance for nonsense is the same as mine…..How the USA where
    competency in your job matters… Does the political system defy this by employing…so
    many Inept employees….party first, Brains…..not needed.

  • Randy: The political system is rife with incompetence because the American voters tolerate it. No, I correct myself, they endorse it. They do not hold politicians or government employees to the same standard as required in the real world. Instead, they vote lazily, for people who appeal best to their shallow emotions.

    And in many cases they vote enthusiastically for this incompetence. As it has been said many times, you get the government you deserve.

  • Phill O

    The sarcasm was very subtle on this one Bob! Almost missed it.

    In reality, I was wondering who would be the first to try this connection for the past two years of a cold NE and Canada.

  • Cotour

    The collective Left Leadership is in a process of self destruction, from insisting on “Climate change” to state sanctioned infanticide. These are really under cover communists that want to kill you if you dare stand in their way in the skin of “compassionate” Liberal / Democrat leaders. (Leading us where?)

    Their schizophrenic desperate power plays will in time reveal them for what they are, monsters corrupted by power.

  • Edward

    Old joke:

    How do you know when a politician is lying?

    His lips are moving.

    So how do we know when he is lying on twitter? We can’t see his fingers move when we read his twit.

  • Cotour

    All politicians are always usually lying when they are pandering for votes, thats really a simplistic Pedestrian level confusion. The question is whether a politician can relate his or her vision of leadership and interpretation of the “facts” and manifest it. Two very different things.

    So the issue of whether a politician is lying or not is just a purposeful distraction of political manipulation. If you can represent that your opponent is a “liar” then your audience in theory will think and believe you to be a “better” person / leader. And logic would indicate that that was the better choice because they were more moral and good. Total infantile thinking.

    Like I said, a purposeful confusion and manipulation that is bought into.

  • Phill O

    I have heard the rhetoric and get the feeling of deja poo.

  • Gary

    Some voters are lazy, but many vote their immediate self-interest. For example, union members know which politicians will court their votes with give-aways in contract negotiations. Lower socio-economic class citizens (and non-citizens) know which politicians will keep the social services flowing. These groups, aided by the traditional party-line voter (no matter the particular candidate), overwhelm the voters who are on to the schemes. It’s a mix of laziness, stupidity, envy, and greed.

  • Warren R. Butterfield


    Love when you slam this corrupt climate racket on JB’s Radio show….
    stick to your guns and ‘simple science’….

    Have grown to appreciate and exult in your common sense, bridled…. yes.. bridled passion, strong thought, thorough facts and seasoned well reasoned analysis on everything just beyond that black!!!

    As well as the gray stuff right under our noses… Chicken Little ‘climate rage’ for instance!!!

  • Warren R. Butterfield

    One more thing….. ‘why do I always get the government someone else deserves????’

  • Wally Baumbusch

    Oh let’s see now, polar vortex of 2019 (endless 3 days), deep freeze of 1998 (the Christmas that almost wasn’t; 3-4 days), the blizzard of ’78 (a killer but life as normal after a week or so). Weather patterns cyclical…I shudder to think!

  • The Democratic party plank/nomination/platform cycle will most assuredly have GLOBAL CLIMATE CHANGE as a key ingredient to their policy mix.
    I know first hand, here in Washington State, Governor Inslee is building his entire campaign on the issue.

    It would be wonderful and valuable, to develop a series on this issue, à la, New Cold War, New Civil War series, (Cohen, Vlahos.) Weekly format like Cohen. Possibly rotating guests if Zimmerman doesn’t want to anchor a +/- two year deep instructional series on climate change.

    Bob Zimmerman has a deep background in this, I’m certain there are others as well.

    Thoughts, ideas…

    The science behind climate change. Flaws in the theory. Presumptions, assumptions. Cf. Population explosion in 70’s including predictions of mass starvation

    Democratic litmus test. Not that truth or facts matter. It’s only a litmus test if you are a true party member. Same as population and starvation.

    Money. Follow the money. All signs point to the climate change dogma as a new tax plan. Big taxes.

    Hypocrisy. Gandhi didn’t wear Yorkshire wool to protest. But Gore and Inslee do. They consume massive amounts of carbon-based energy to fuel their lives.

    And more hypocrisy. And more…

    A great scene from Doctor Zhivago.
    Bolshevik street thug, Pasha Antipov, turns into Tyrant Strelnikov, and rides his own bullet train across the waste-land of peasantry.
    The meme should be Gore, Sanders, et al, to be [the face] riding Strelnikov’s fancy train, (for the sake of the party you see, since my presence demands such expediency.) And poor Zhivago, all us schmucks sitting in the snow having been taxed into poverty.

    Tim Bonner

  • Cotour

    In real terms this is what the end result will be if Globalist models are allowed to continue without solid rational American opposition:

    There is absolutely no rational way to justify what the Democrat leadership and their now Leftist pandering moves for political power indicate, it just can not be rationally argued. And so what is going to be the result is something similar to what is going on in Britain if not strongly rejected by the people of America.

    Begin a conversation with any Democrat and ask them: Do you really not believe in fences, gates, barriers and walls to protect what is dear to you? Do you really agree with the Democrat leadership when they argue for a fully formed and viable baby to be born and is laying on a table, comfortable of course, and the doctors and the mother then get to decide if how and when they may decide to end its life? (My God what are these people thinking?)

    There are but two rational answers to these now media driven fundamental questions. Disagree with the rational answers? Then you might want to consider a consultation with a mental health professional because you are your and my and Americas worst enemy. You are not really aligned with the political party that you think you are aligned with.

    These are but two of the Democrats issue failures in leadership as they only pander to some perceived Leftist movement where they believe their road to power exists.

    These people have lost their way due to the desperation that they themselves have fashioned in their quest for power. And power alone can not be allowed to be the end all and be all by the voters that live in America and choose to empower these now vial and desperate so called leaders. Disgrace, infanticide and existential desperation can not be rewarded with power. It must be extinguished in favor of rational thought and American ideals and freedom.

    We will continue to see the Democrat leaders further destroy themselves in front of all our eyes, and it will be good to watch. MAGA

  • wayne

    Professor Jordan Peterson on climate change and climate policy
    Cambridge Union November 2018

  • Cotour

    $100 on Bloomberg, to lose!

    Very predictable, Bloomberg in if Biden out. As you know, I suspect that Biden will be gone before the primary. But lets hope he hangs around stroking his massive ego till the end.

    Remember, Globalist friendly Mr. Bloomberg is the billionaire who does NOT think that Chinese president FOR LIFE, Xi, is a dictator. Bloomberg may play well to the Leftist coasts but will go flat between them, slightly more paletable than DeBlasio. Nanny Bloomberg, the first Jewish president? I don’t think so.

    If America allows itself to be steered back onto the Globalist model path the Chinese will with ease control the planet and fulfill much sooner their planet domination plan. And the likes of Bloomberg would go a long way to deliver on that agenda.

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