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Global warming skeptic responds bluntly to Democratic subpoena

In response to a subpoena from the Democratic Attorney General of Massachusetts, Maura Healey, for 40 years of past correspondence between a think tank and Exxon, the think tank founder had this response: “F–k off, Fascist”.

Healey subpoenaed Exxon as part of a multi-state effort among liberal prosecutors to investigate the company for allegedly trying to cover up global warming science. Healey alleges the oil giant lied to shareholders and consumers about the risks of global warming in its communications and shareholder filings, according to a copy of the subpoena obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

She’s targeting CIP and other prominent conservative groups, like the Heritage Foundation and Americans for Prosperity (AFP), because of their supposed ties to Exxon. The only problem is, neither CIP nor AFP are funded by Exxon.

I think this response not only provides an accurate description of this liberal Democratic effort to squelch dissent, but is the correct response. It is clear that the Democratic Party has become the home for intolerant, hate-filled totalitarians who think it okay to silence debate and use the law to oppress those who disagree with them. It is also clear that more people have to tell them to go to hell.

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  • Cotour


    I just found this which appears to be a verified quote by David Rockefeller who was a Bilderberger which seems to lend itself to this entire 180 degree logic that is being force fed down the throats of the people of America and the world for that matter.

    “Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as ‘internationalists’ and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure — one world, if you will. If that is the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.”

    And this piece is from 2011 when there were only 25 million people out of work in America, now its about 93 million. Is this information just too big to wrap ones head around? You must admit the counter intuitive nature of what our government says and does seems to support these assertions.

  • Orion314

    None dare call it treason , none dare call it conspiracy…political correctness above all else, or the sheep will be butchered …

  • wayne

    This guy is great, on a number of levels!
    Alex Epstein, author of “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels,”
    (and founder of the think-tank “Center for Industrial Progress.”)
    CATO podcast discussing his book:
    (Audio or video)

  • Willi

    Healey’s email address was easy to find. So, I sent her the following message: “During the World War II, Nazis were able to commit crimes with impunity. Then they had the Nuremburg Trials. Hopefully, someday you’ll be judged.”

  • Joe

    Cotour, how long have you thought that the elites were steering the country and the world into a U.N. Type of one world government? Rockefeller is just saying what the elites have been after all along for a very long time, and for the most part, the population at large don’t care.

  • Cotour

    I have been tracking the “new world order” for some time now. At first I thought it extremist pot stirrers like Alex Jones, who it turns out not to be so far off course on many of these issues. First they called them crazy, then we all found out that crazy was just another name for doing your homework and being ahead of the curve.

    (although Alex can be a bit over the top on some things, mostly for dramatic effect at times. But in general he has called a lot of this going back many years)

    And lets face it, most people just want to live their lives and be left alone. All while these very ambitious elites / internationalists, and their are elites and internationalists, plot the acquisition of and retention of the real money and power that runs the world. And I still have people who I know who when presented with facts and actions are still unable to see what must be seen. The big lie is BIG, it is unbelievable, and its right in front of everyone’s faces hiding in plain sight.

    The other consideration is always distinguishing between information and disinformation, by nature they can be very difficult to “see”.

    One thing that I do know is that whom ever promotes the continued direction our country is going must be resisted and defeated at the polls at all costs, even if it means that Donald Trump becomes president. Is it perfect? Of course not, but its what we have to work with.

    And on the Trump issue, he IMO has the real “outsider” potential to turn things in some sort of a more American direction then anyone else, possibly more than anyone else in America today. As crazy as that may sound to some.

  • Cotour

    High IQ nerd reality alert.

    Even Hugh Hewit gets it:

    “Despite his differences with Trump over the course of the primary season, Hewitt said, “the prospect of another President Clinton, especially a Clinton who is so mired in scandal, compromised on national security and is the author of so many foreign-policy meltdowns, has a way of concentrating the mind.”

    “For the good of the country,” Hewitt concluded, “Republicans have to be clear about the binary choice in front of us, close ranks around Trump and encourage him to eschew the frivolous and move ahead with a serious message”

  • eddie willers

    “And lets face it, most people just want to live their lives and be left alone.”

    “You may not be interested in politics, but politics is interested in you”.

    Now as to Hugh Hewitt: Finally!

  • PeterF

    The first thing we have to do is implement term limits for ALL elected officials. National, State, and Local. At least in Massachusetts we have the possibility of a citizen’s ballot initiative. We will probably have legal recreational Marijuana after November. The leftists seem mostly to oppose this. I think its because they fear that their voter base may stop showing up at the polls because they are too stoned.
    The Roman republic fell because of politician corruption that made the population feel that a strong emperor would be able to clean up the mess (among other things) and couldn’t do any worse. Besides he brought his army across the Rubicon with him when he came back.
    I fear that the Low information voters (who identify with both major political parties) are looking for a powerful leader to clean up The Washington swamp. I weep for the people who will have to endure the next dark ages if that is what comes to pass.
    But I digress; Maura Healey is just a D-bag.
    Plain and Simple.

  • Edward

    Binary choice?

    Considering the “choice,” it is much more unary (or monadic) than binary. The distinction contains no difference. There may be two of them, but they are the same.

  • Cotour

    Evidence seems to contradict your conclusion if you are comparing Trump and who may be the biggest threat to
    U. S. security, Hillary.

    But I understand your skepticism and position, our conditioning has been thorough.

  • Edward

    Evidence confirms my conclusion.

    But you don’t want to hear that evidence; you only hear what you want to hear and disregard the rest. Many of our recent discussions have demonstrated this, as you actually *did* disregard the evidence.

  • Cotour

    I hear you, I have heard you, I just have strongly come to a different conclusion given the information available and the forces involved in this particular presidential race.

    Technically there is no “evidence” that you speak of because we are in the rhetoric / like me stage of the campaign and we can not know what someone will or will not do or be like if they have not become empowered and are exercising that power.

    So the conclusion must be based on other criteria that may or may not be as concrete as one would like. On balance if you were to have to pick between someone who does have an established track record of abuse of power, incompetence and just plain Un American activity, and someone who has a very big and obnoxious to some personality but a successful private career who shows signs of having potential to at the minimum put the country on some kind of reasonable American trajectory.

    Even if everything else blows up, the choice is a simple one. Maybe too simple for you.

    If one must make a choice this is just about what it comes down to.

  • wayne

    Related GOOD news:
    -The Competitive Enterprise Institute was recently sued by AG Walker from the Virgin Islands & AG Schneiderman from NY, demanding emails, donor-lists, and communications related to “climate change,” and especially any material related to Exxon.
    >AG’s brought suit in DC District Court–interestingly, DC has a statute already in place to deter what is referred to as “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPP),” in the legal-biz. (suing people to shut them up)
    >>Statute is designed to “curb malicious lawsuits designed solely to chill speech,” and puts the burden on the filer’s of such suits to show in advance why they are likely to succeed at trial and the allegations aren’t blatantly unconstitutional on their face.
    –CEI immediately counter-sued both AG’s, demanded “show-cause,” and the case was quietly withdrawn by the 2 AG’s in May.
    –It appears they didn’t even do their homework before they started persecuting the CEI.
    –This is a definite win, but that type of statute is not common across States or US protectorates.

    Cotour: Alex Jones eh? (explains a whole lot!) Make no mistake–Alex believes everything he says, to his core, even when he contradicts himself.
    If you look up the definition for “cognitive dissonance,” you’ll find his picture.
    The only redeeming quality for Alex? “He doesn’t do shows about Aliens.” (chem-trails, fluoride, SSRI’s, bis-phenol A, “the whole bit,” absolutely>> but not Aliens! thank god.)
    -Art Bell in contrast– he believes the “Men In Black” movies, were all Documentaries. He won’t shut-up about Aliens!

    Edward: Good job guy! Your authorship is outstanding!
    (If you leave the room, I’ll nominate you for school-board commissioner again! Or VP, whichever you like…)

  • hondo

    F off is becoming a new common refrain. I an others use it on many current “issues”.
    Behind the phrase is the unspoken attitude – what are you going to do about it – huh!
    Too much acquiescence for far too long – no more.

  • Cotour

    Alex Jones? My point is that as a general rule we are flooded with access to soooo much “information” now due to this relatively new technology it becomes harder and harder as the speed, quantity and types of information grows (audio, visual, CGI etc). Harder and harder to confidently determine what actual information is.
    Information? Disinformation? What is reality over and above what is apparent when we open our eyes and what our immediate environment is comprised of that is not manipulatable? The closer the technology gets to us the less sure we will be able to confidently determine what is or is not “real” if someone (?) desires to manipulate it.

    We are all as a general rule low on a learning curve trying to sort out this paradigm shifting technology as it relates to how we make decisions in our politics, medicine, entertainment, news etc. etc. You mention your relief that Alex does not do “aliens” and he believes “everything he says”. How do you know that? Your stated absolute belief illustrates my point, we can not know with a certainty who in this medium believes what. Is he an actor? Is he a passionate investigator / prognosticator? Is he a CIA actor / front man stirring the pot? What ever he is or is not, what he has put out there over the last several years about who runs what on the planet appears to be more accurate than not. Who the hell in the general public had ever heard of the Bilderberg? Who in the general public really paid attention to what the Trilatteral commission had to say? Who used the words “internationalists” or “New World Order”? More of the general public are aware of them now and pay closer attention because of the technology which means that the internet has become a threat to their formerly more or less clandestine power manipulation. (does anyone think that the Republican or Democrat party is happy about the general public’s new found “power” of information acquisition? The Internet has both been a boon and a net bust to the American political power system)

    As a rule the news items that Alex has been talking about for the last several years has become what everyone is realizing to be more true than not. Keeping in mind that I do not follow him as a rule but I do remember hearing his noise and dismissing it, but the devil must be given his due.

    This comment turned into a bit more than I initially intended, but that goes to the nature of what is being discussed.

  • wayne

    Alex Jones, “More accurate than not,” –no, not so much.

  • Cotour

    But just enough to make you take note, if you disagree you have not been paying attention.

  • wayne

    Even a broken clock, is correct twice a day!

  • Cotour

    No ones clock is broken as far as I can detect. Everything is sooo easy to either accept or dismiss for you? Do you really believe that you have or are able to have all of the information that you need to make the decisions that you need to make in things not just in your immediate sphere of influence or concern?

    (Such a, I think the appropriate word would be stereotypical of you or anyone else who would use such an analogy / axiom to sooo confidently dismiss things that can not be so easily dismissed or explained. A perfect subject / tool)

  • Cotour

    PS: Not to single you out too specifically, we are all “Subjects / Tools” to varying degrees.

  • PeterF

    And yet, Maura Healey is still a D-Bag.

  • Edward

    I realized that I have failed to give respect to Alex Epstein:

    Huzzah! Don’t let the bastards (or the witch-with-a-B/D-Bag) get you down. You are on the front line of the fight for liberty, and we support you.

    You wrote (to wayne): “Everything is sooo easy to either accept or dismiss for you?”

    You are in a glass house, Cotour. You have found it easy to accept and especially to dismiss quite a bit in discussions on these pages.

    You wrote: “Technically there is no ‘evidence’ that you speak of”
    All evidence to the contrary, especially the evidence that you referenced for your own argument, above, when you wrote: “Evidence seems to contradict your conclusion”

    You wrote: “So the conclusion must be based on other criteria”
    Yes, it comes from Trump’s lifelong history of liberal Democratic statements. Heavy evidence. Your assumption is that he magically transformed into a conservative the moment he announced his candidacy as a RINO – er – Republican.

    “On balance if you were to have to pick”

    I would choose someone who is not a totalitarian tyrannical prick. Especially when the term “success” means routinely filing bankruptcy in order to screw investors.

    “Even if everything else blows up, the choice is a simple one.”

    As I have said, choose a conservative alternate. They *are* out there. You may be right that they won’t win the general election, but neither will Trump. Or if he does, then America loses, too.

    Cotour, you may want us to vote for Trump’s style of tyranny, but many of us (we) are unwilling to vote for *any* tyranny, Trump’s, Clinton’s, or otherwise.

    We once wanted you to vote for liberty, but you refused and chose tyranny. Now you want us to vote for the Trump flavor of tyranny, but we refuse and will choose a third choice, even if he is unlikely to win, too.

    You insist upon voting for a winner, but then you (and the polls) tell us that Trump is unlikely to win without us. But you choose the loser Trump even after insisting upon voting for a winner. If you want to vote for the winner, the choice for you is simple: vote Clinton.

    Unlike you and the rest of the Republican party, many of us are unwilling to sacrifice our principles in order to elect someone we don’t want. You chose the candidate who cannot win against Clinton. That was your choice. Your poor choice during the primary election will bring you Clinton as president. You are going to get the tyranny that you deserve. It is too bad that you foist your poor decisions onto the rest of us.

    You once advised me to get over it and move on. Now I give the same advice to you.

  • Cotour

    And it continues:

    “Yes, it comes from Trump’s lifelong history of liberal Democratic statements.”

    The statements of a non empowered private citizen related to politics means not much, however the verified perverted and abusive actions of an actual empowered politician speaks volumes.

    And so if you are going to choose between them, choose. If neither is of interest to you then vote for neither, but understand the effects of your choice not to choose.

    As a supporting aside: When you think about it Hillary and her former president husband have created the perfect forced scam. They have perfectly pandered to all of the biggest money concerns, multinational company’s, governments, charities etc. to the tune of $2 billion dollars plus all of the money that they were able to essentially extort from the same for personal appearances and speeches to the tune of $153 million dollars over 14 years. Who of the them would dare to not contribute and essentially bet against her becoming president, and then have her become president. How chilling…………this is what real nightmares are made of.

    When it all shakes out they will be among the biggest scammers of all time, all strategically forced money from those who had no choice but to “donate”. Really its a brilliant play, I wonder if it was actually planned out like that or it just kind of all fell together. What am I saying, I really believe it was planned and executed step by step.

    And that when you look at the entire picture is why she must not be rewarded with the presidency at all costs. ALL COSTS. These people / this woman becoming empowered in such a way will devastate our country in ways that Obama has not even thought of yet.

    Trump will seem a Boy Scout trying to start a camp fire, she will be on the job the first day with a nuclear flame thrower. Sleep well Edward.

  • Edward

    You wrote: “The statements of a non empowered private citizen related to politics means not much”

    Which proves my point that you easily dismiss what you don’t want to hear.

    You still refuse to accept that Trump is just as bad as Clinton, the distinction is that they have different methods to achieve the same goal. When you look at the entire picture, the distinction between them makes no difference.

    It is your poor choice that results in rewarding Clinton with the presidency. You chose the guy who never polled high enough to beat her instead of the guy who almost consistently polled higher than her PLUS favors liberty, not tyranny.

    And yet you sleep well.

  • wayne

    Alex Epstein “The Moral Case for Fossil Fuels,” at the Heritage Foundation–
    (similar to his appearance at CATO but with a different presentation)

    Edward: great wordsmithing!

  • Edward

    Essentially, Cotour, I am saying the same thing to tyranny that Epstein said to Healey.

    You see Trump as a savior from Clinton, and I see Trump as a tyrant like Clinton. Both are Obama Redux.

  • PeterF

    IMO Trump may attempt to be as much of a tyrant as Clinton. But unlike Clinton, the leftist media will not break their necks not seeing his high crimes and misdemeanors. He will by necessity be forced to have “the most ethical administration in history”. He’ll still be an a-hole, but he’ll have a bunch of bloodthirsty so-called journalists watching his every move. The Clinton crime family? Not so much…

    Hillary for Prison 2016!

  • Cotour

    A fine hard working, very smart patriotic man falls off of the Staten Island ferry, the weather is very bad and the wind is blowing snow every which way, the water is rough, there is heavy fog and there is ice beginning to form.

    His fellow passengers have a short window of opportunity to throw him a life saver.

    As they get ready to throw him the only thing that has a chance of keeping him alive until he can be pulled out of the water he yells from the ever rougher water “where was that life saver made?”

    The people on the deck look at each other in amazement and ask “what difference does it make?”

    The man in the water answers “I only want you to throw me a life saver that will save my life that is made in America!”

    The people on the deck look at where the life saver was manufactured and read aloud “product of China”

    Later that day they found the mans body floating in the icy waters of New York harbor, the police find his identification in order to notify his family, and as happenstance would have it the mans first name? EDWARD.

    And what was the name of the man who was holding the Chinese made life saver and did not throw it who agreed with the patriotic and principled victim EDWARD?


    First we eat, then civilization.

    Interpretation: Its OK to be principled and high minded when you have some kind of reasonable options, but when the decision that you are about to make will without doubt cause the sure destruction of your entire system of existence, you do what you have to do until you can manifest better options.

    Two bad options can be weighed and distinguished between, especially when the third option is a certain kind of death.

  • wayne

    We all know you support Trump, from day 1. Some of us however, do not, and don’t intend to do so. You do your Trump-cause a disservice, when you constantly tell us how foolish we are.

    I’m the king of tangentially, but it was you that pivoted this thread to Bilderberg & Rockefeller.

    If you want to help the Liberty cause— support down ballot candidates with as much passion as you show for Trump. (Trump doesn’t appear to care about the down-ballot, he’s too busy trying to cozy up to Bernie supporters & appease the rino-establishment.)

    Darryl Glenn for example, would make a great Senator & help turn Colorado—!darryl/c1fs5

    A compelling back-story, solid Patriot, articulate and Conservative. A man that understands the Constitution inside and out.

  • Edward

    So now if we don’t vote for Trump, he drowns in the Hudson?

    The third option is death? But you keep telling us that if we choose option three, the right option, we end up with option one. Thus option one is death, making option three “a certain kind of death.” Since choosing option two also ends up with option one, we still get death (option two is also death, but you keep denying that reality).

    Therefore, sticking to our principles makes us better off; we at least are remembered by our children and grandchildren for having chosen the right option, after we are gone, and are not cursed for having chosen death directly.

    We have civilization, right now. It is your actions that are letting in the barbarians. Not only do you sleep well, you seem to have a healthy appetite, too happy to sell us out to the Cylons.

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