Google and SpaceX team-up?

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The competition heats up: A news report today claims that Google will invest $1 billion of the $10 billion SpaceX plans to spend to build a space-based internet system.

More here. Whether true or not, this story illustrates the growing buzz for the idea of investing, building, and making money in space. Increasingly, the biggest and most innovative capitalists in the world want a piece of that endless pie.


One comment

  • Pzatchok

    Everyone wants a piece of the tv, internet, and telephone market.

    With the cable industry pretty much locked up into a few large companies no one has a chance to install their infrastructure and offer cheaper prices. At least not for cheaper than 10 billion dollars.
    Unless you go directly from space.

    From very low orbiting easily replaced satellites they can offer high speed internet, tv and cell phone service to everyone on the planet at very low prices.

    The last monopolies will be electric power delivery, water delivery and natural gas delivery. Its getting more and more possible to find cheaper suppliers of those three needs but delivery is still a monopoly in most cases.

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