Google’s hidden agenda: Stop Trump’s re-election

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Project Veritas strikes again! A whistle-blower at Google has revealed that the internet company that dominates all search engines has a conscious policy to oppose the re-election of Donald Trump while simultaneously suppressing conservative websites.

Jen Gennai is the head of “Responsible Innovation” for Google, a sector that monitors and evaluates the responsible implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies. In the video, Gennai says Google has been working diligently to “prevent” the results of the 2016 election from repeating in 2020: “We all got screwed over in 2016, again it wasn’t just us, it was, the people got screwed over, the news media got screwed over, like, everybody got screwed over so we’re rapidly been like, what happened there and how do we prevent it from happening again.

“We’re also training our algorithms, like, if 2016 happened again, would we have, would the outcome be different?”

There’s more at the link. For example, Google is also working to adjust its search algorithms to automatically suppress conservative websites from those searches. The goal, to use Google’s own words, is to make the company “the single point of truth” for news, with a perspective that is decidedly leftist and partisan.

The public has got to stop using Google. There are plenty of viable search engine options, such as DuckDuckGo and Startpage. I’ve been using both for almost a decade.

Regardless, it appears that this information will likely fuel the political movement to have the government break this company, as well as Facebook, apart. Though I’d rather the market did the job, these companies are very clearly violating the law that treats them not as news sources but as objective utilities, and thus protects them in certain ways. They need to find out that breaking the law will have negative consequences.

I have embedded the Project Veritas video below the fold. Watch it. It will horrify you. Not surprisingly, the fascists at Google/Youtube have censored the video. If you wish to see it, you need to go the Project Veritas link above.


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  • Cotour

    Jaron Lanier: “But the people of silicon Valley are really basically good people, they are my friends”. As Jaron, “Father” if Virtual Reality says about those that he himself understands have taken the wrong road and he also recognizes that the power of their money and their politics is a problem. “They are all a bunch of Lefties”.

    This is a prime and excellent example of the nature of man related to the abuse of power and also an excellent real world illustration of the effectiveness of the counter balance to that abuse of power and the nature of man related to power, the Constitution.

    A perfect example of why our imperfect system is as functional, effective and appropriate to the task required. And the left means to use it as a weapon against itself and destroy it. To rebuild it in what superior form you might ask? Details, details.

  • Andi

    I’ve been exclusively using DuckDuckGo for the past several years, and like it very much. I also use Firefox and stay away from Chrome.

  • m d mill

    It seems Startpage uses the Google search engine and algorithms…from their web site:

    “How we made search private

    You can’t beat Google when it comes to online search. So we’re PAYING them to use their BRILLIANT search results in order to remove all trackers and logs. The result: The world’s best and most private search engine. Only now you can search without ads following you around, recommending products you’ve already bought. And no more data mining by companies with dubious intentions. We want you to dance like nobody’s watching and search like nobody’s watching.”

    I wonder if the same is true for duckduckgo?

  • Andi

    duckduckgo claims to use their own search engine. You can tell it to use Google search engine by appending “!g” to your search criteria.

  • To all: The important thing here is for Google to see a drop in usage, shifting to other search engines. Only that will make them take notice that they are losing market share, something they depend on entirely.

  • m d mill

    Thanks Andi

    When I ask Google “christian problems” the first line result was
    ——-The title of this link reads “40 Problems with Christianity”

    When I asked duckduckgo “islam problems” the first line result was:
    The title of this link reads “THE PROBLEMS WITH ISLAM” (“consists of selected articles, mainly from ex-Muslim authors who have written against the violence, corruption, and tyrannical nature of Islam.”)

    When I asked Google “islam problems” the first line result was
    ——The title of this link reads “Problems in the Islamic world cannot be blamed exclusively on Islam”

    You decide.

  • James Street

    DuckDuckGo is compromised. Type in “Trump is ” and the autopopulate suggestions are:
    an idiot
    a traitor
    the antichrist
    a moron
    a crook

  • James Street: That doesn’t seem compromised to me. That seems instead to be a very wide-ranging examples of opinion.

  • I will assume Jen Gennai has, like, a college degree. Too bad she can’t, like, speak like an adult. But she doesn’t act like one, either.

  • Cotour

    An anti Trump knitting web site?

  • wayne

    (just waking up for the night, and I almost spewed my coffee out through my nose!)

  • Bob

    youtube i.e. google pulled the veritas video. what better evidence do you need that they must be broken up? ‘course with the deep state sabotaging the president at every turn, it will never happen.

  • Bob: Thanks for noting this. I have updated the post, and added a new post highlighting Google’s fascist behavior.

  • Chris

    As a semi side note I recently listened to a two-part Devin Nunes podcast with A Dr R Epstein. He’s was claiming that through the search engine results he could measure the actual skew on the opinion of various groups as a result of search engine results and that Google was “ the worst”

    I’ll try to post the link.

  • Wodun

    I use ddg but it has a lot of drawbacks so doesn’t yield good results. I also use several different browsers, with Brave being the primary one for reading.

    I set up a small monthly donation through Brave reawards to BTB, which our host is not set up to receive but will continue to accrue. It isn’t much but maybe a cup of coffee or an inexpensive meal a year.

    Of all the sites I do this for, is the only one participating in the program. I’m not sure how it works for content providers. It is based on a virtual currency that is translated into American dollers, so there might be limitations on how it is spent.

  • Wodun: Can you provide me a link where one applies to use Brave rewards so I might be able to take advantage of it?

    Meanwhile, thank you for the donation, even if I never see it. Note also that you could simply mail me a check. :)

  • Cotour

    I remember making this point long ago, “Google is working with the Chinese government against their own people and is oppressing them, and working against the U.S. security interests as well”.

    These now massive companies may well be beyond the U.S. government and any remedies that they may seek to enforce. So big and so flush with cash that they are a threat to their own country in the interests of corporate profits. That is pure capitalism. (Maybe a little too pure?)

    What will we do?

  • wayne

    Nothing to do with “pure capitalism” if you mean free-markets. (Capitalism was a derogatory term invented by Marx.)
    None of these companies however are “beyond” the Federal Government– when you reach a certain size, you become a partner.
    (Alphabet isn’t an “American company,” it’s a multi-national company with allegiance to only themselves.)
    That having been said— Standard Oil was broken up over infinitely less. Extraordinary tines call for extraordinary action.

    “The champions of socialism call themselves progressives, but they recommend a system which is characterized by rigid observance of routine and by a resistance to every kind of improvement. They call themselves liberals, but they are intent upon abolishing liberty. They call themselves democrats, but they yearn for dictatorship. They call themselves revolutionaries, but they want to make the government omnipotent. They promise the blessings of the Garden of Eden, but they plan to transform the world into a gigantic post office. Every man but one a subordinate clerk in a bureau.”
    Ludwig von Mises

  • Cotour

    “Pure capitalism”: Meaning the pure power of extreme amounts of money amassed by a corporate entity. I think we can agree that at this point in time that Google and several other IT based companies have surpassed the Monopoly status. And they are just waiting to be “reinstructed”.

    But the amount of funding that they have at their finger tips can cast a lot of fear in the hearts of those who would dare throttle them.

    And so the job will have to be done at some fast approaching point. Google can be argued is not only a threat to information but are now essentially a threat to our country’s security because of their close association with the Chinese and others. This is very new territory and some degree of balance must be struck.

    I suppose the analogy might be that Google when it steps off the earth and into space it will become its own government and civilization of sorts?

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