GOP denies TSA money to buy more body scanners

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The House budget for the TSA has deleted funding for more body scanners.

Though I think denying the TSA this money is a good thing, this paragraph from the article stood out to me:

The measure includes $7.8 billion for the TSA, which Republicans said was a $125 million increase from current levels but $293 million less than the administration’s budget request.

In 2008 the TSA’s budget was approximately $6.99 billion. Considering how the Republicans wanted to bring spending back to 2008 levels, how can we take them seriously about getting control of the deficit if they agree to an overall budget increase for the TSA?



  • LINO

    You are correct.

    Even in bin Laden’s advisories, he was miving away from airports/aircraft attacks towards trains and buildings.

    Why not adjust our efforts towards his points of emphasis?

  • Blair Ivey

    I would like to see TSA funding cut back to their budget for 2000.

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