Government power relies on violence and coercion, regardless of where and when.

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Government power relies on violence and coercion, regardless of where and when.

The author justly lambasts both the left and the right for playing favorites when it comes to the abuse of power by our federal government.



  • BSJ

    Brilliant article! Although your description of it, only calls out the Feds. State and locals use force, just as often…

    I just had second thoughts about posting.

    I’m in Canada right now. Gota cross back tomorrow. The thought of getting persecuted as I crossed, gave me pause. So invasive is the fear they induce. But, I won’t be cowed.

    Wish me luck.

  • ken anthony

    All government is tyranny. It’s just a matter of degree. We form government to protect us from the tyranny of other governments. Taking power away from a central tyrant doesn’t make democracy a non tyranny… just a less focused one which is the best we can ask for.

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