Government shutdown and its effects on science

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Link here. The article is from Science, which is almost always partisan Democrat, as well as strongly pro-government spending for anything that even hints of science research.

Regardless, the shutdown is definitely causing some confusion, partly because of the partisan differences within the government:

There is confusion among scientists about who, exactly, is affected by the shutdown. Some federal agencies have been slow to issue memos clarifying who should report to work on Monday if the shutdown is still in effect. (Workers often come in for a half-day or so to complete “orderly shutdown activities” and receive furlough notices.) At the Environmental Protection Agency, officials have suggested that all employees should expect to work every day next week, in apparent conflict with the agency’s own shutdown plan. Some federal researchers planning to travel to conferences or study sites over the weekend have been uncertain about whether they should board planes or trains.

Unlike the Obama administration, which spent money to purposely block citizens from visiting public sites while also making life as difficult as possible for the general public, Trump has ordered that all public lands be left open, while minimizing the inconvenience to the general public. It appears however that the management at some agencies are still following the Obama playbook, thus causing confusion.



  • ken anthony

    If they don’t get paid, that might be a clue?

  • Scott Rarden

    This is a bit off-topic, so apologies if I’m breaking any site norms or rules, but as someone who is very interested in science, but not too interested in partisan science, what are the best sources of science news? This site being already included in my list of course.

  • wodun

    Kirk had a great example of how the shutdown affected science. The FH test had to be pushed back.

    I saw a tweet from Jim Acosta lamenting the empty snack machines in the press area for the White House correspondents. It was a striking contrast. Obama closed parks to make vets and the elderly feel the pain and was celebrated by the media. Trump didn’t refill the snack machines for the press and is literally Hitler to the media.

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