Government to ban cheese

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We’re here to help you: New FDA regulations will make the import of certain very well known European cheeses forbidden.

New FDA restrictions on the levels of harmless bacteria found in imported cheese have effectively banned a number of artisan French cheeses, including Roquefort, Morbier, and Tomme de Savoie. The restricted bacteria already exist in the human stomach, and the banned cheeses have not changed their recipes for years. [emphasis mine]

Why is the FDA wasting time banning French cheeses when the deadly bacteria can be found in the human stomach? Shouldn’t the FDA instead ban the human stomach?



  • wodun

    “Why is the FDA wasting time banning French cheeses”

    Is there a wealthy Democrat that makes these cheeses or competitor cheeses in the USA? It is probably protectionism to favor a wealthy donor.

  • “Shouldn’t the FDA instead ban the human stomach?”

    Careful what you ask for. EPA is already banning a trace gas essential for plant life.

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