Government workers earn 78% more than private workers

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We’re here to help us! A new study has found that Federal employees earn 78% more than private sector workers.

The Cato Institute’s Chris Edwards compared data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis to show that, in his view, civilian federal workers are overcompensated. Factoring both salary and benefits, Edwards pointed to BEA data showing the average federal employee earns about $119,000 annually, compared to the private sector worker who earns $67,000 per year. When comparing just salaries, feds collect 50 percent bigger paychecks, Edwards said.

The wage gap between the federal and private sectors has grown since the 1990s, Cato’s director of tax policy studies found. The divide has doubled since 1990, when it was just 39 percent. The growth, he said, came from not just raising pay levels and offering more generous benefits, but also a more “top-heavy” bureaucracy that routinely moves employees into higher salary brackets and redefines jobs as higher earning positions. “The federal government has become an elite island of secure and high-paid employment, separated from the ocean of average Americans competing in the economy,” Edwards wrote in his findings.

I wonder, do you think we are getting our money’s worth?



  • Max

    Government welfare has never been about those who receive it, the true welfare goes to those who hand it out and control it.

    When spending bills are not passed and government shuts down, you can see how much of government is not necessary and should be eliminated.

  • PeterF

    Every town meeting the useful idiots insist that the school budget needs to be increased because teachers have historically been low wage earners…
    They spend more time with our children than most parents do. Its for the CHILDREN!

    Every single full time teacher in my town makes more than I do.

    Parents are required to purchase “school supplies” because the schools can’t afford to.

    The school budget accounts for the largest percentage of our tax dollars.

    We have half the student population we had twenty years ago and the school budget is twice as much.

    On the municipal side, The DPW laborers starting hourly wage is more than mine.

    It really sucks to live in a town where morons who have more money than they can use always show up at town meeting.
    Its for the CHILDREN!

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