Gunmen attack free-speech event in Copenhagen

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The religion of peace strikes again: At a free-speech event in Copenhagen — organized by backers of one of the cartoonists who ridiculed Mohammad — masked gunmen unleashed a hail of bullets, killing one and wounding three.

The French ambassador was there and has reported that this was clearly a terrorist attack similar to the murderous attack on the offices of the magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Update: Three people are wounded when a gunman fired shots at a Copenhagen synagogue. It is not yet clear if this attack is linked to the attack above.

Obama would claim these are all random attacks. But then, delusional people will believe anything.

In related news, Islamic terrorists attacked a polio vaccination team in Pakistan, killing one and wounding another. The article also reports that in a separate incident two polio workers and two security guards have gone missing.

At what point will our intellectual elites get their heads out of their asses and recognize the war that Islam is waging on the free world?



  • Bob, I agree with you, with your final sentence. Problem is, the intellectual elites keep their ivory tower positions by refusing to recognize Islamic extremists for what they are. It goes against their politically correct world view.

    The main problem, from my perspective, is that much of the Muslim world has not advanced intellectually since what we call in the west, the Middle Ages.

  • Cotour

    This is a good example of why it should be encouraged that responsible, qualified, trained and licensed individuals discretely carry a side arm in public. The condition where the government bans the carrying of such weapons just creates a well known situation where any bad actor who wishes to exact his (or her) perverted views and actions in public can do so without resistance.

    There is no atmosphere of fear of being stopped with deadly force in such situations so these people who would do such things can plan and act without regard for such counter measures.

    Just plain dumb.

  • Edward

    I agree with Rene. They are incapable of extracting their heads. Not only is it their political position, but, like the ostrich, it makes them feel safe. That, and the armed guards who surround *them,* rather than We the Vulnerable, Disarmed, Free-Speech-Loving People.

    Once again, the European police have proved ineffective in stopping a shooting, and once again, they themselves have become among the victims.

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