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Hamas anti-Semitic bullies shut down physics class because the professor was Israeli

The seal of UNLV. The motto means
The seal of UNLV. The motto means “All
things for god’s country,” a motto UNLV
no longer follows.

Last month a group of Hamas anti-Semitic bullies invaded a classroom at the University of Nevada-Las Vegas (UNLV) and shut down the lecture about black holes by a physics professor, simply because that professor, Asaf Peer, happened to be Israeli.

Peer, from Israel’s Bar-Ilan University, actually invited the activists to remain to learn about black holes and then discuss “unrelated issues” after his lecture. But the demonstrators continued their antics, leading to the UNLV police to be called in.

When the police arrived, they refused to remove or silence the protesters so the lecture could continue. Instead, they decided that the First Amendment gave this mob the right to silence whomever they wanted. The police further decided that for Peer’s “safety,” his lecture must end and they would “escort” him off campus.

This led Professor Asaf Peer … to ask “What about my freedom of speech?”

How naive of Peer. Doesn’t he know that in today’s America, the First Amendment only guarantees the left the right to speak and shout and harass and riot and even kill? It also gives the left, and only the left, the right to silence and blacklist and ban any other speech, and if that doesn’t work it gives the left to right to use force and violence to shut up any dissent.

Or to put it more simply, their violence is speech, your speech is violence.

At the University of Nevada-Las Vegas, it is very clear this is how university officials and the police interpret the Bill of Rights.

This incredible double standard is tragically the standard everywhere nowadays. Consider for example how Democratic Party politicians and their allies in the mainstream press treat allegations of election tampering. When a Democrat wins, it is treason to even suggest there was any vote tampering or election issues. Democrats and the press will use their full power inside and outside of the government to silence, blacklist, and imprison anyone who dares say anything otherwise. The legal and slanderous attacks on Trump and those who joined him in questioning the result of the 2020 election — including disbarring qualified lawyers merely for representing Trump — illustrate this intolerance quite starkly.

When a Republican wins, however, Democrats in the poltical world and in the press will instantly declare that this victory could only be because of vote tampering and election fraud, and it is therefore necessary to harness every means at their disposal to cancel that victory. If you dare question their actions, or note that Republicans do have a right to win elections if the voters choose them, they will scream treason at you again, this time for the very opposite reason.

And don’t you dare note the double standard. They are Democrats, representing the noble and pure ideals of communism, socialism, Marxism, critical race theory, and the queer agenda. There are no other correct points of view. To even think there are is tantamount to sedition, insurrection, and treason.

Similarly, only Israelis can commit genocide. Hamas is as innocent as the wind-driven snow. The hostages that Hamas kidnapped on October 7th — including the little children and babies — are clearly the real murderers and bigots and racists, who must be punished for daring to question the terrorist motives of these Islamic warrors.

This is the insane mentality that now controls our society. To fight it will require a courage that few have, as illustrated by what happened at UNLV. Despite the insane injustice of the police action there, no one pushed back. Peer went along. His students sat mostly silent, cowering in fear. And the bullies won again.

What will happen in November, when the Democrats will likely ramp up their actions exponentially should Trump win? Will we sit on our hands silently, cowering in fear? Because if we do, we will deserve every evil thing these thugs then bring down upon our heads. We won’t deserve freedom, because we will not have the courage to defend it.

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  • Steve White

    Was the professor allowed back on campus?

  • Jeff Wright

    I have seen Muslim names in the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. Time for another baseball player to root them out.

  • Milt

    It gets even worse. According to this post, Washington State’s Governor Jay Inslee is poised to sign into law provisions that would reward people for reporting “Wrongspeak” to the authorities.

    Enterprising students, one imagines, will quickly take the hint and begin collecting cash rewards by turning in their teachers. The astonishing thing is that the majority of voters in the State of Washington apparently *want* such measures, otherwise they would not have put people like its sponsors into elected office. (Has anyone in Washington State, do you think, ever read 1984?)

    The dilemma for our country is that this kind of thinking has become so institutionalized in these deep blue districts that they are truly living in what amounts to an alternate reality where conventional standards of legality, ethics, and morality no longer apply, and there is a completely different understanding of what constitutes a “good” society. In such cases — as this post illustrates — people believe that it is the job of government to *protect* them from free speech, not to defend it. In short, they would prefer to live in a country / culture /
    society like Cuba as opposed to the traditional United States.

    The question, of course, is how we can remain in a political union with people who think like this.

  • Milt: In 1860, when similar-thinking slave-holders in the South decided to secede because they had lost an election, Americans in the North said “Hell, no!” and raised arms to defend the results of that election.

    Will we have the courage to do the same when today’s leftists do the same in November?

  • wayne

    “There is but one path…”

  • Milt

    A House Again Divided?

    Robert: After watching Mr. Biden’s defiant State of the Union message last night — virtually a declaration of war against traditional Americans and everything that they believe in — I am not so sure that we haven’t reached the same kind of demarcation point that precipitated the events of 1860. As you have observed elsewhere, one side believed that slavery was entirely normal, virtuous, and even ordained by God (1), while the other found the peculiar institution to be utterly abhorrent, immoral, and a rebuke to the Creator and to human decency.

    Toady, as then, we are divided along equally irreconcilable beliefs about what is real, what is true, and what kind of society we wish to live in. Tellingly, as highlighted by Mr. Biden’s criticism of the Supreme Court last night, there is no longer even a consensus that the decisions of the High Court should be adhered to (2) when its rulings do not suit the needs of a partisan political agenda (3). And, lacking such a consensus as to what is normative in our society, which rules (4) *do* we agree on? Similarly, if one side believes that freedom of speech is a foundational precept of a free society and the other believes that it is the duty of government to *protect* people from the open expression of ideas, how, then, can such opposing beliefs be reconciled?

    Given the chasm in the way that different factions in this country now experience reality — and how different their understandings about what constitutes a good society — how, indeed, can “a house divided” go on living within the same system of government and what possible “compromise” can satisfy the two groups? In an essay written in 2018, Prof. Bradford Vivian has addressed this question in terms of Lincoln’s assessment of such a conundrum, and it is well worth thinking about today (5).

    The problem remains. In a practical sense, the union must indeed “become all one thing, or all the other,” or it is not truly a union. But how — short of a civil war and / or the literal dissolution of the United States — is such a new national consensus to be forged? Further, the radical left has made it abundantly clear that they *do not wish to* preserve our present society and its institutions, and indeed their primary goal is to “change” it into what amounts to a nation of warring, identity-based factions (without a common culture or sense of national identity) ruled over by a one party dictatorship (6). How do we compromise with *that*?

    Can a No Labels Party — or, more likely, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s independent insurgency — provide such a new consensus about what kind of a country / culture / civilization America is supposed to be, and can it be embraced by a sufficient portion of the population to forestall a repeat of the events of 1860, or will history repeat itself? Alternatively, can conservatives / traditionalists win such a decisive victory in November that the old social consensus can be reinstated? And — if the latter — what do we “do” with the blue district Kool-Aid drinkers who cannot accept such an outcome, and what would “reconstruction” look like for them? Where, Mr. Lincoln, are you when we need you most.

    (1) Not to mention profitable and the basis of highly stratified social system whose existence depended on the maintenance of such beliefs.
    (2) As in the case of unilaterally forgiving student loans through executive orders.
    (3) Including such historical “relics” as the Electoral College or even the practice of allowing only citizens to vote.
    (4) Cf, Prof. Cass R. Sunstein’s persuasive analysis of how the Constitution is understood in his recently published How to Interpret the Constitution.
    (5) Prof. Vivian suggests that equality (of treatment / opportunity, per Dr. King’s Dream, as opposed to outcomes?) might serve as such a foundational unifying theme, but today’s academic left — again see Mounk on this — instead puts priority on group identity and compensatory preference as opposed to supporting the equality of universally held individual rights.
    (6) Think of Tito’s Yugoslavia, or the Soviet Union itself on a larger scale.

  • — Will we have the courage to do the same when today’s leftists do the same in November? —

    It will mean not only opposing the Leftist disruptors, but openly defying the so-called forces of order, who will position themselves in the Left’s defense. Remember the Trump inauguration?

  • JEWS!

    Thomas Sowell:

    Jews refuse to fail? That is why they are so hated throughout history? So, if you want and need to be loved and liked then fail? I can understand that thought process for some, maybe most.

    I was talking with a salesman that calls on me the other day, who is Jewish, is a Democrat, hates Trump, who I tell him that he is a knucklehead and knows nothing about politics. And he does not, just a typical mindless knee-jerk American Democrat Jew. More a cultural Jew than a religious Jew.

    Him: The Israelis have to be stopped, they have killed 30,000 Palestinians.

    Me: And they will probably have to kill 30,000 more before this is over.

    Him: Oh no, that is immoral!

    Me: And have you taken notice of exactly what Hamas and those who run them chose to do on Oct. 7th? Are you aware of any of those details?

    Him: But they have killed 30,000 innocent Palestinians.

    Me: And they will probably have to kill 30,000 more before this is over. What don’t you understand about this situation that Hamas and those who run them have chosen to strategically cause? They by design chose to execute figuratively and literally the action on Oct. 7th.

    The Palestinians are essentially a conquered people and refuse to assimilate in the face of a superior military force. Adapt and survive, refuse and perish.

    And then he drifts off into introducing into the conversation TRUMP. But Trump!

    My conclusion in dealing with many on the irrational and oh so selectively moral Liberal and Leftist among us now? Their die is cast and there is not much other than them directly suffering a loss caused by the choices of others that they believe they are aligned with that will ever change their ideology, perspective, mind and thinking. Just no longer worth my time.

    I now just wait as our country has been by design invaded by a most evil political party and their Subjective political party power and control interests. And it does not get much worse than that in America.

    I now am dealing with more and more young male customers, physically fit in their late 20’s early 30’s, tattooed from head to toe, and speak none to very little English. All well-heeled with cash, well dressed. I personally have not had an issue with any of them, for the most part they are respectful.

    But what happens if and when the political tide turns?

    Should be an interesting summer / year.

  • pzatchok

    Have the culprits been found and charged?

    Threatening people is against the law.

  • Edward_2

    People need to record racist/anti-semitic speech by teachers/professors at schools. Identify and punish jihadist threats.

    As we all know, Freedom of Speech does not protect shouting Fire! in a theater or threats to the President.

    The blowback to Pro-Jihadi fascists, American flag burners, will help re-elect Donald J. Trump.

    I believe that the UN has been hijacked by the same Evil that hijacked 4 planes on 9/11.

  • Edward_2

    A suggested counter protest:

    From the River to the Sea,
    palestine Will NEVER BE!

  • pzatchok

    The UN was list when they allowed Non democracies into it as members.

    Dictatorships out number honest republics.

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