Happy birthday Linux!

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On this date in 1991 Linus Torvalds announced that he had developed a free computer operating system and wanted help from others to improve it. That operating system is what we today call Linux.



  • ken anthony

    When I couldn’t recover from a win7 error I installed Linux Mint. Didn’t miss Windows at all and even bought a compiler to write code for Linux. After another year the computer crapped out, but my next will definitely have the newest Mint on it.

  • James Stephens

    I have to deal with all P.C. and mobile operating systems on a daily basis. Each of them have their good points and their bad points Linux included. But I must say LinuxMint is outstanding, a cut above. It’s safe and secure and vary easy to use. I would recommend it for anyone from first-timers to expert. It does everything the others do plus quite a bit more. A great replacement for XP.

    I love Linux because of it’s openness and versatility and peer review. If I have an idea or see a problem and want to change something I can, and then pass it on to the community at large for review and perhaps adoption. In this way millions of users such as myself make Linux better and better. It’s a wide field but to get some idea of what Linux is check out:


    There you will find descriptions and reviews of the many Linux distributions available free for download. LinuxMint tops the list as most popular. Most are what’s called live. That is to say you can boot into it and try it out without bothering your present operating system or files. Much like a video game. Then if you like it you can install it along side your present OS or replace it. Once actually installed it runs like lightning.

    By the way I’m seeing a lot of the kids using Linux now.

  • Pzatchok

    Its been years since I have played with linux on a daily basis but I do manage to keep a live copy around just for data recovery, repairs, password recovery and the such.
    Normally its PCLinuxOS but I have used most of the major varieties.

    Maybe I’ll pick it up again when I replace my next PC.

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