Harry Reid insists that “all” of the Obamacare horror stories “are untrue.”

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Modern American intellectualism: Harry Reid insists in a speech on the Senate floor that the Obamacare horror stories being reported daily “are all untrue.”

He then attacks the sick patients themselves for telling these stories, calling them liars.

I call this modern American intellectualism because it jibs with the typical level of open-mindedness seen in modern intellectuals when it comes to climate science and any data that throws doubt on the theory of global warming.



  • Cotour

    Isn’t Harry Reid known for telling blatant lies on the floor of the Senate? Remember this one : Mitt Romney has not paid taxes in ten years? I believe that’s how it went, among others.

    Is he really the best go to person to say what is a lie and what is not a lie? Can he tell the difference?

  • mpthompson

    I guess we will all find out how true these stories are come November…

  • Cotour

    Know it now, H. Reid is an established liar. Why do you need to wait.

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