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Harvard Corporation overides its pro-Hamas faculty; denies graduation to pro-Hamas rioters

Harvard: where you get can get a shoddy education centered on hate and bigotry
Harvard: where you can spend a lot of money
being taught to hate Jews and support Hamas terrorism

In what might be signaling a major sea change at Harvard, the Harvard Corporation, which owns and runs the university, voted this week in support of an earlier decision by its administrative board to deny graduation to thirteen pro-Hamas demonstrators who are presently facing disciplinary action for their participation in the illegal take-over of university grounds for three weeks.

This decision was also a blunt rejection of a vote by the university’s faculty to override the administrative board’s decision and confer degrees to these protestors.

115 faculty members showed up to a meeting in which a decisive majority voted to confer degrees on the 13 seniors. The students were notified of disciplinary charges from the Harvard College Administrative Board just three days earlier.

I wonder if the financial problems Harvard is now facing influenced this decision by the corporation board. Applications to the school have dropped significantly, a number of big donors have cancelled their support for the university, and even worse, Harvard has a cash crunch. A bond offering intended to raise $2 billion this year raised far far less than expected.

A document posted with no fanfare on Harvard’s bondholder information website this week after I inquired with the Massachusetts Development Finance Agency about the fate of the bond offering lists the amount of the offering as $734,995,000. That’s a mere 36.7 percent of the $2 billion that the state approved, and it falls more than $165 million short of the $900 million number touted in the regulatory filing and the alumni magazine article.

I suspect the members of the Harvard Corporation decided that to allow these pro-Hamas rioters to graduate — in violation of the college’s own disciplinary procedures — would prove to the world that the university really is a safe haven for anti-Semites, who would be allowed to do anything they want without fear of consequences. The corporation members probably decided this was not the impression they wished to give to the world.

These might be the worst colleges in the country
Where blacklisting, censorship, anti-Semitism
and Hamas terrorism is now celebrated

Don’t worry however for those poor protesters. I am sure they will be exonorated during those upcoming disciplinary hearings, and will then be issued their diplomas without fanfare. The people who run Harvard along with these protesters really are on the same side as Hamas and its goal of murdering of Jews everywhere. Their plan now is to wait until the heat dies down so they can continue that support more forcefully later, but under the radar.

Am I being unfair to these people at Harvard? Maybe. But then, Harvard has to prove me wrong, and I think history makes me quite safe in betting against it.

The bottom line of this story however is that it shows the pushback by the general public is having a positive effect. Americans don’t like bigots, terrorists, and anyone who gives any aid or support to such things. Harvard (as well as most of our so-called “elite” universities) have fallen into that category in recent years. The public is now telling them to either change, or die.

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  • Paul Revere

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  • Alton

    It’s a wonder what the Coin of the Realm can do when Withheld from The Correct Grimmy Hands. . .

  • Andi

    Cash crunch? Don’t they have something like a $50B endowment? While I can appreciate that a lot of that may not be liquid, surely they have a lot of sofas they can check the cushions of for loose change…

  • Andi: While Harvard does have that gigantic endowment, I have read several stories that suggest it is really tied up, and that there is a cash shortage that is beginning to pinch.

  • David M. Cook

    Sounds like the “decisive majority” needs to be fired immediately. Just think how much money that would save! The new hires would cost way less than the existing crew, and the remaining folks would be much more careful with their political opinions.

  • Sincere apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan

    I am the very model of the modern Ivy graduate
    I possess no information useful; all I do is perpetrate
    The Liberal agenda that all your betters explicate
    All of which the Plebeians would do well to integrate
    I am well acquainted, too, with all that is political
    My loyalty is unquestioned, my thinking is not critical
    When it comes to Marxist theory, I’m all about that scene
    And in polite discussion, all I do is vent my spleen

    I am very good at making much of LGBTQ
    And if you are a cis-het male, I will not talk to you
    I am unschooled in matters scientific, or skills that are pertinent
    I am the very model of a modern Ivy graduate
    [They are the very model of the modern Ivy graduate]

  • GeorgeC

    Harvard is in the middle of a huge project to move all science and engineering to a new campus across the river. The idea is to have everything under one roof as MIT had with the move from Boston to Cambridge about 100 years ago.

  • Jeff Wright

    That’s good–get them as far as from the sociologists as possible.

    The donors who walked–New Spacers need to look them up.

  • Andi

    Blair: very nice!

  • sippin_bourbon

    I am no expert on these matters, but endowments usually come with a set of rules on disbursement, do they not?
    So have 1, 5 or even 50 Billion in the bank does not mean they have that cash on hand for anything.

    I can hear the leftist now… The Fash Corporate Capitalists are trying to stop the Revolution!

    Da’ blood is on da’ Walls, Beratnas! (-Josephus Miller)

  • Richard M


  • Max

    Everything‘s peachy…

    On the other hand;
    A deep dive into Harvard‘s financials, much longer article expressing that the cost outweigh the income.
    “Overall expenses rose 9 percent this fiscal year, double the increase in revenue. This is not sustainable”

  • There are real world consequence$ for actions taken by those who seek to surrender Western civilization:

    Now THAT is substantial for a university who panders to the radical Leftist “we hate America” crew.

    Slowly things in politics come into balance.

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