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Our government in action! An American citizen has sued and won almost a half a million dollars from the federal government for subjecting her to a random strip search upon her return to the states from Mexico.

Read the article. Customs agents essentially raped her. Worse, the agents won’t pay the bill, it will be you, the taxpayer.



  • Laurie

    I can certainly accept the reasons why the victim (an appropriate term) chose to settle, but settling lets the legislators and perpetrators off the hook. To the extent that the American people have allowed this to happen and continue to happen, citizens are culpable for damages, but surely the sheer depravity of what transpired should move people to, en masse, demand the relevant legislation be changed or, better yet, repealed. Taxpayers should seek reparation (and justice) by suing the government entities and the particular actors who are responsible.

  • ken anthony

    If only Al Pacino was real and took a flamethrower to these assholes.

  • Willi

    A little off topic but I just learned that, in pursuit of additional security, the Social Security Administration will not allow me to access my Social Security account online, after July, unless I own a text enabled cell phone. That’s so they can text me a code to complete logging on. No, I don’t own a cell phone, never will. ARRRRRGGGHHHH…

  • Andrew_W

    I’m guessing hundreds of other Americans and non-Americans (perhaps it’s OK for the US government to sexually abuse foreigners in this way?) have been exposed to the same thing but signed the “consent form” to avoid facing the additional financial extortion.

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