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Having an off day

To my readers: This is one of those days where I just cannot get up the oomph to write. First, I am becoming bored by my daily “Today’s blacklisted American” column. It is not that the number of people being ruined and harmed by the oppressive thugs of the left has dropped, it is that I am finding that people are becoming desensitized to the oppression. I get the impression that my posts are being skimmed or ignored, because they are merely repeating the same story over and over again.

“Oh, yeah, big deal, another person lost their job because they dared to express an opinion. Call me when something new happens.”

Such a situation I find so depressing words can’t express it. Makes it very hard to work.

Second, I have a bunch of new cool images to post, but I am either waiting for answers from scientists before posting, or I don’t have the mental energy today to work up a post. Sorry. I think I simply need a real day off.

Unless I get energerized later today, you all will simply have to wait until I return in full force on Monday (though if something exciting pops up on the weekend it might get my writing juices flowing sooner).

Conscious Choice cover

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  • William

    Keep the faith. We need your voice for freedom. Sometimes I feel Spacex and NASA are the only remaining things that make me optimistic. I fear for our country.

  • Kyle

    I don’t blame you, todays blacklistings would zap the energy out of any freedom loving American, the problem seems to be that there seems to be less and less of those types of Americans around.

  • Ray Van Dune

    By coincidence, I am taking a mental health day off myself! Enjoy!

    Ps. It has occurred to me more than once lately that the accomplishments of SpaceX provide a positive tonic to me, and that I sometimes feel a letdown after a big step forward, such as this morning’s mounting!

  • Doubting Thomas

    Enjoy your day (or 2 or 3 off). Great site with great posts on important and interesting things. We’ll be here when you’ve recharged.
    Hope you were as excited as I seeing the fit check of Starship stage 1 and 2 today.

  • Jeff Wright

    We all need time to decompress.

  • Joe

    Right there with you! This day has been nothing but off since it started. Take time to recover!

  • Garry

    I read your “Today’s Blacklisted American” column every day with great interest. I rarely post these days, because when I’m not tied up in work, I’m tied up in home improvements, family matters, and many other things, most of which I enjoy immensely.

    It’s hard to write without feedback, and I feel I don’t give you as much feedback as you warrant.

    It can also be discouraging to keep one’s eyes open to the outrageous things going on in our country these days, but I’m grateful that you do.

    One of my jobs involves rewriting (more than proofreading, less than editing), and I have days where processing the written word just becomes too much for me; I imagine it would happen more often if I were writing instead of rewriting. On days like that my best response is to do something physical, be it exercise, spending time outdoors, or a home improvement project.

    You’ve certainly earned much more than a day to drop writing and recharge. You’re too good a writer (and a thinker) to be down more than a day or two, and I, for one, look forward to reading your posts if not the day they’re written, a day or two after.

  • David Lohnes

    Enjoyed your new book and the many insights I garnered from it. Enjoy the weekend.

  • wayne

    “Joe Rogan ‘s Susquehanna Moment”
    Paulytoon JRE Number 128 (2014)

    -adult language-

  • Louie Bageanis

    Your steadfast commitment to freedom is inspiring. Don’t let them discourage you, it is part of the plan. Fear not, goodness always prevails and we are seeing the last gasps of these commie losers. We are winning!!

  • Patrick Underwood

    Decent, ordinary people don’t do what Marxists do. They don’t take advantage of every possible weakness in their political adversaries or even in the structural constraints of government, don’t march and riot at the drop of a hat, don’t knowingly break the law for momentary advantage (as our Democrat government is self-admittedly doing right now!) and don’t paint their political opponents as Gulag fodder.

    Easiest prediction in history: They will keep pushing. They won’t stop. Whether our fate is any different than that of the Kulaks, I have no idea. But the American citizenry is much more able to defend its rights. The question is whether that citizenry has sufficient unity and the stomach for it.

    The whole thing is tragic. I don’t see a peaceful solution, because these people view us not as fellow citizens or even as fellow humans. They view us merely as the impediment to their perfect state (yeah, I know…). We are a problem that demands a Final Solution, if you will.

  • pawn

    I come here for the pictures and to hear what other people have to say about things. Politics has always been very boring to me.
    I understand how a steady diet of negativity can drain even the most ardent. Loosing myself in the wonderment of God’s creation helps me a lot. Thanks Bob, your efforts help me maintain.

  • Bob

    how about writing articles about organizations that are making a difference in the culture war? In the other thread we talked about HSLDA. But there are many others like Alliance Defending Freedom, Pacific legal foundation, turning point USA. That’s just off the top of my head. There are many others that are winning important battles and doing the long game struggle to defeat the left. another topic I am very interested in is deAmazoning my life. I only read e-books and unfortunately have to send a lot of my business to Amazon. I like your e-book vendor. Maybe you could give them some publicity and show other authors how to use them?

  • Gary in Transit

    Post images and have your posters tell us what is going on. Should be a good discussion, which in time can be updated with an “experts opinion”.

    I sure hope that planetary scientist are more expert than viral epidemiologist, or the climatologist that dish out their irrefutable settled science. I guess we really won’t know what do we get boots on the ground.

  • James Street

    That’s one of the strategies of the swamp: wear us down from their constant attacks on all fronts.

    Meanwhile, this should cheer you up:

    “Chinese Regime Has Stolen Enough Data to Compile ‘Dossier’ on All Americans
    A former U.S. national security official warned that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is stealing data to compile a “dossier” on every American adult and may use coercive means to influence private citizens and political leaders.”

  • MattC

    It’s all good. Take a breather. And know you’re not alone.

  • m d mill

    I do not respond to your “Blacklisting” posts because you are clearly in the right.
    I feel no impulse to comment on the obvious. But I very much appreciate the value of these lists of the blacklisting.
    I would certainly be ignorant of most of these offenses otherwise…so i hope you will keep it up.

  • pzatchok

    I am pretty much right there with m d mill,

    the fact that no one is posting about your comments could mean one of two things.
    You are either hitting it so well that no new comments could even add to what you have said.
    Or your making such good points that even those who are opposed to you are afraid to try so shoot you down.

  • @ pzatchok (and Robert):

    “Second that emotion.”

  • john hare

    I skip the blacklist posts. “I’m a victim” posts don’t resonate with me at all. I see them as suggestions that the designated enemy is powerful and we are weak. If we are weak, then we need to build up strength and that doesn’t come from pointing at others but rather working on your own game.

  • Lee Stevenson

    @Nob, As the token socialist here, I understand your fatigue at only covering the craziness that, ( they are not my left!) Your left are causing over there.
    I must admit, I scroll past the political posts, they are mostly irrelevant to the world I live in. Don’t misunderstand me, we have many issues here over the pond.. ( I can’t begin to tell you here how many hoops the “powers that be” are making me jump thru just to go visit my parents in the UK, even tho I’ve had both my shots!)
    But it is important to look for the good, and not focus exclusively on the bad. There are many reasons to be cheerful! I have mentioned all these before, and been condemned by you Bob, as living in a fantasy world, but I believe they are worth having a think about, rather than just calling me a stupid commie.

    Regarding cancel culture politics , I am blessed with 2 teenaged kids, and they, and their peer group are sick of the PC brigade…. They call each other names that would be fatal if spoken by anyone with any influence on twitter. The pendulum is swinging back. As it will always do. There is no coming dark age, only a period of time at the apex of the swing. You should have a little more faith in humanity.

    More importantly, ( and as I have argued with you and others here, ) , the private space industry is finally up and running, we are at a point that you have been advocating for, for the 2 decades I have been listening to, and reading your work. The holding pattern is over! Space tourism is offered by 3 private companies. SpaceX is building out starlink on its own dollars, NASA is outcontracting work left, right and center, and this is all occurring exclusively in the USA.

    Take the time off you need to take a deep breath, and to quote Billy Joel, ” The good old days weren’t all that good, but tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems”

  • Lee Stevenson

    Ahhhhgggghhhhh please change the first line to “@Bob”… Fat finger syndrome!! Sorry!

  • wayne

    great clip!

    Jocko Motivation
    “GOOD” (2016)

  • wayne

    you might enjoy this….. (but you have to click, on, the link!)

    Matt Maher –
    “Hold Us Together”
    (live from the factory floor at Steinway & Sons in Astoria, Queens, New York. 2018)

  • john hare

    Yes the Good clip makes sense. Problems often create opportunities for people looking for solutions.

    My other problem with victim posts is that carnivores are looking for a meal, not a fight.
    Similarly, predators are looking for victims, not a fight. Repeating “I’m a victim” attracts predators for an easy victory. The PETA types throwing fake blood do it to ladies at furrier shops, not bikers at their bars. There’s a reason for that.

  • John

    It’s tough being red-pilled, ignorance truly is bliss.

    Living in an authoritarian woke banana republic will be difficult for good honest freedom and liberty minded people.

    But what can you do? Your role is to speak out for as long as possible. Everybody will account for their roles eventually.

  • commodude


    Enjoy the well earned (and needed) day.

    A few days of you not shining the light isn’t going to make a difference, particularly if it lets you recharge your batteries and keep doing it long term.

    It’s not easy being one of those who see, but your voice is needed.

  • wayne

    john hare–
    I know exactly what you mean and don’t necessarily disagree with it.
    There is however an element in play which includes “fake victim fatigue.,” that sorta gets generalized to even real victims.


    –> “direct action”

    Brian Eno & David Byrne –
    “America is Waiting” (1981)

  • Andy R

    You deserve to take some mental health days, or decompression days. It’s gotta take alot out of soul to report day after day what the leftists are doing to anyone who disagrees with them, especially when they keep “moving the goalposts” and enlarge the pool of things that they find offensive. When you need time off, take it. Don’t burn yourself out. We need your voice, and the voices of everyone like you.

    I’ll echo m d mill, I may not comment on your blacklisted posts because they do hit it right on the head. And I pray Lee Stevenson is right and the pendulum is swinging back (and bless his kids).

    Take care of yourself, and we’ll see you when we see you.

  • Gary

    If it makes you feel any better, your “Blacklisted” postings get distribution on Ace Of Spades and Instapundit (Sara Hoyt) especially and generate a lot of feedback and comment both places. So the labor isn’t in vain.

  • David Scott

    Always read the BLACKLIST COLUMN and pass on to my peeps. The vibe i get is an ever growing silent majority. Texans are fed up with the border situation.

    BTW I’m pretty sure I saw a Falcon 9 trailering thru Gatesville Tx enroute to McGregor. Mega police escorts.
    Was tarped and you could see the motor cluster in the rear

  • Chris Lopes

    “we are at a point that you have been advocating for, for the 2 decades I have been listening to, and reading your work.”

    Actually, we are at a point that I’ve been reading about since I (born at the tail end of the 1950’s) was a kid. This is the stuff of Heinlein juveniles. So yes, not all is lost.

  • Lee Stevenson

    @Chris Lopes

    I ( born 1977 ), was raised upon my father’s ( born 1938 ) sci-fi collection, Heinlein, Asimov, Niven, I hoovered them up with a passion! And I am happy to be living in the start of the future these guys imagined. You are correct. All is far from lost!

  • Lee Stevenson

    Oh my…. I was not born 77, I was born 71…. Another case of fat thumb syndrome…. Or white wine syndrome… I’m not sure which….

  • wayne

    Chris Lopes-
    hey–same generational cohort! (that could explain a lot, har.)

    1960s Life In America

    1971 eh!? (that could explain a lot, har.)

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