Heads roll in New Jersey over traffic scandal.

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Heads roll in New Jersey over traffic scandal.

The speed in which Christie is firing people strongly suggests to me that he did have nothing to do with the scandal, was out of the loop as he claims. Otherwise, these fired individuals would have some leverage that they could use against Christie to protect their jobs.

Also, compare the speed of Christie’s actions with the stonewalling we have seen by Obama in connection with the IRS scandal. I think the difference is illustrative.



  • Cotour

    Christie is not differently colored and gets no pass. As sad as that is for the entire population of the country, especially the differently colored. Low standard is no standard.


  • Publius 2

    I will begin getting worked up over this tidbit when the mainstream media emits outrage and determination to get at the truth behind Benghazi, the IRS scandal, the NSA scandal, the Obamacare disaster, the absolute subterfuge surrounding Obama’s origins and education … ad nauseum.

  • Cotour

    The main street media is populated with either true believers (indoctrinated Marxist / socialists) or those who identify with the Liberal / Democrat end of the political spectrum and by default support such un American philosophy. Your determination to wait for them to get “worked up” and put pressure where it is needed as per their supposed profession would require means that you will be waiting one hell of a long time. Do we have that much time to wait?

    Being differently colored and not a main stream Republican or Conservative is Mr. Obamas pass. Low standard is no standard and when you look at it it is a very disrespectful way of pandering to the differently colored. But for some reason they are willing to be pandered to and disrespected. I suppose its the money and the faux respect and a willingness for one to believe ones own PR.

  • I am sorry, but wrong behavior is wrong behavior, whether or not the mainstream media is interested in reporting it. If I know about it, I must respond to it.

    As for Christie, I have been very impressed with his willingness to challenge the unions in New Jersey, to cut wasteful spending, and to even eliminate leftwing environmental departments that were serving no good other than creating propaganda. At the same time I do not agree with him on many social issues.

    How he handles this scandal will reveal a lot about the man, both good and bad. Without doubt he is a politician, which makes him someone none of us should trust. Nonetheless, if he acts fast and forcefully to clean up this mess it will speak well of him, especially considering Obama’s complete unwillingness to fix any mess or scandal coming from his administration.

  • JWing

    Please….he’s a politician from NJ. He knew damn well his inner circle shoulda, coulda, would have done this type of “zinger” as long as they didn’t do it “stupidly”, to quote Christie, and get caught. This is exactly how politics works today as evidenced by Obama’s use of the National Parks Dept. to close an outdoor WWII monument to vets.

  • Cotour

    One word, Plausible deniability, if that is maintained he can work it out to some degree. Plausible deniability is a tool.

  • wodun

    Funny thing, Obama ruined not only his own credibility but the credibility of all other politicians. When Christie says he didn’t know, no one believes him because after 5 years of Obama saying he didn’t know about scandal after scandal, that excuse doesn’t work any more.

  • JWing

    Funny, but this local state incident happened a year ago and it has conveniently become a major news item overshadowing a national politically damaging book to both Obama and Hillary by former Sec. of Defense Robert Gates. My how the well the media can dance.

  • Pzatchok

    We all know how the MSM has been long known to sit on information and news stories for sometimes years waiting for the right time to let it out and act outraged by it.

    This is more than likely a case of the very same thing. Someone probably heard about it months ago but was “investigating it” until now.

  • In this case I don’t think the press has been sitting on the story. The story broke because one news organization had put in a FOIA request, and only now got the information. It seems that as soon as they got it and digested it, they published the story.

    The press is definitely biased, but let’s not get silly about seeing conspiracies everywhere.

  • Cotour

    I agree, not every thing can be manipulated and is a conspiracy. Not to say they wouldn’t do it if they had the opportunity and the forethought.

  • Two interesting take-aways from this:

    1. The timeline does not contradict Christie’s claim that he did not know of the closures. It doesn’t exonerate him, since as governor he bears the responsibility for the bad behavior of his subordinates, but it does appear that he was not in the loop. I also consider this confirmed by the speed in which he fired people. If they had told him about the closures, and then he threw them under the bus, they would have every motive to use their knowledge to get revenge. That they are not suggests Christie did not participate in instigating the closures.

    2. The timeline also shows how the Democrats are so much better at playing this game than the Republicans. From day one, practically every New Jersey Democrat — and some national ones — were charging full force at this scandal. At no point did they back down, and at no point did they rest. Day after day there was another attack, digging hard to get the facts.

    What have the Republicans done in regards to the IRS scandal and the government shutdown? They had one or two hearings, and then went home. What wimps and cowards. For example, they had said they would recall Lois Lerner to testify. Have they? No.

  • Garry

    My theory is that the Republicans haven’t pressed hard on the IRS scandal because the TEA Party poses a bigger threat to them than to the Democrats

  • Cotour

    Again, establishing plausible deniability is essential and has apparently been accomplished. (for the moment?) People still see Christie as being part of that Jersey / political retribution culture and just like Obama who did not specifically tell Lois Lerner to use the IRS as a political weapon and abuse the power that they have been put in charge of, the culture she operates within says to. The established culture instructs subordinates to take these kinds of actions. And that is probably a function of not just one party but the over arching political culture. This is how business is done and prices are paid. Its petty and juvenile and will follow them all the way to 2016.

    Are the Democrats better at it? Probably, because they are a part of a more socialistic based theology they are more cohesive. More like a colony of army ants. It is both a strength and an Achilles heels IMO. American people will tire of their antics especially when their socialist dreams begin to materialize.

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